Taking Cues from Spring to Update Your Online Presence

Taking Cues from Spring to Update Your Online Presence- Spring Flowers by George HodanTaking Cues from Spring to Update Your Online Presence

Ahhh. Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota. And while we say that pretty cautiously knowing that snow could pop up at any time given the relentless winter we had, the season upon us definitely brings a sense of optimism with the signs of new growth around us.

This is a perfect time to take a second look at your website and social media focus. Here are a few focus points to help carry the growth of the season into the growth of your business, via your website and social media channels:

1. Where do I need to grow my followers?
Twitter? Facebook? Blog? LinkedIn?

2. What’s is happening around me?
Have I analyzed my Google Analytics reports lately? What search terms are bringing new visitors to my site, and which ones have seen a falling off?

3. Where are my weeds?
Errr…………What do I need to clean up, remove or change?

4. Where should I invest my time, energy and resources?
Is it in my content or design? Do I need to be more conversational in my social media outreach? What parts of my website to I want to be noticed or more “sticky”, and hopefully bringing users more deeply into my site?

5. Party time!
Am I taking my glass of wine and sitting in a corner not engaging, or am I talking, conversing and responding via social media channels?

6. Most importantly–am I taking time for the beauty of the season?
Any process of growth takes a long time, and it can feel like forever to get to the next “season”. Am I enjoying what I’ve already cultivated?

Of course, there’s nothing like the joys of Mother Nature–so don’t forget to step outside and breathe in deeply of the fresh, floral-infused air!


SARIS WEB DESIGN, LLC is a web design and consulting company catering to small businesses and non-profit organizations.

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Photo: Spring Flowers by George Hodan


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