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The buzz this past week has been that a Pew Research Study found that 4 out of 10 working women are the breadwinner for their family. So how can you, as a small business owner,use this information to better market to these working women?

First, do your research on your target marketing. If women are your main target market, ask them about their lives. How many children do they have? Do they have children at all? Are they single, married or planning on getting married? Is she a soccer mom, stay-at-home mom or a working mom? You’ll likely find some similarities you can use to target other women just like her.

Second, make it easy for her interact with her by going where she is. With 80 percent of Pinterest users being female, take advantage of this social media platform. The visually based social network drives referral traffic. Every pin is most often a link to an external site. Every repin of the image you posted will link back to your site. Work to pin interesting, pleasing and even remarkable images in order to drive more traffic.

You’re trying to make first impressions-you can’t do that by staying concrete with the images you post. Keep an eye on the size of the images. If the size of a picture is too small then pinnners can’t share it and will most likely find it from another blog or article-you’ve lost that traffic from that pin. You want your product to sell itself. If you’re posting prices and pitching marketing you’re most likely not going to get repinned.

Third, work on her time. How can you make it easier for women to buy from your stores? If your target market works from 8-5 every day, try staying open until 6:00 or 6:30 one night a week. If your store is normally closed on Saturdays, open it up one Saturday a month. Or what if you opened up Tuesday through Saturday and had Mondays off?

If you see traffic spike at lunch with women running errands, offer ways to help them shop faster or serve finger foods one day a week during lunch. Or offer an online ordering process where they can pick up gifts or other purchases quickly.

As more women not only enter the workforce, but become the breadwinner of their families your target market will have less and less time to spend making purchasing decisions. Start now by implementing just one or two steps that make it easier for her to buy from you.


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