Tech Makes the Global Citizen

I recently relocated to San Francisco. Three decades away from my hometown area, I keep chanting: “Don’t expect it to be the same as it was in the past.”

San Francisco may be a tech-forward location but that’s not why I’ve increasingly been turning to technology to help me be where and who I am today.

As a globally mobile individual, I rely on tech because of all the moves that came before this one. I rely on tech for my total, global operation.

Since leaving the Bay Area, I’ve lived in 30 homes in 4 countries, heading first to the East Coast (Philadelphia Mainline) for college, then to Europe (Rome) for more studies, back to the East Coast (New York) and the West Coast (Los Angeles) for work, over to Asia (Penang, Kuala Lumpur) for my first overseas adventure, back to the USA (New York), and finally, to Istanbul for my second expat experience.

My mantra has become: “Don’t expect to be the same person you once were.”

With each move, my mental map has faded, supplanted by new information that will get me through the day.

Back in San Francisco, I repeat every day:

“This may be where I’m from, but it’s a foreign country now. Don’t expect to know how it all works.”

Read the rest of my guest post  Repatriation is just relocation — with benefits  about what Mary-Lea Cox Awanohara calls  ‘pioneering a new concept of global citizenship‘ at her world-savvy site The Displaced Nation.

How is social & mobile tech bridging your worlds? How are you using tech to be who and where you are today?



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Anastasia Ashman is a visionary for the robust, directed online presence we can use to reach our offline goals. A Californian with 15 years abroad in 3 countries, she combines her global perspective with a pro background in NY & LA media & entertainment to train women everywhere in digital literacy through content strategy & web platform building. Find her at or


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