Ten Wellness Tips From Your Cat

Your cat might have the keys to happiness...but you already knew that!
• Snuggle those you love
• Be selective about those you spend time with
• Purr when you’re happy
• Take naps often
• Only accept the best
• Enjoy the warmth of the sun
• Be strategic before you pounce on something
• Walk with your head held high, even if you’re just walking away from the litter box
• Be loyal
• Don’t be afraid to take a swipe at someone if they don’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated
• Take your own sweet time
Paula Stephens, M.A
Twitter @paulastephens0
Facebook: Paula Stephens, Wellness Coach
Professor, Well-Life Coach, Yogini, Retreat Captain (think Thelma & Louise meet Indiana Jones, but without the snakes) & former Beauty Queen. Bringing balance to your life through wellness, inspiration and adventure! Paula is the mother of four boys and takes advantage of the excitement they add to her life by joining their fun whenever it won’t risk her breaking something.

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