Women Are Rocking the World thanks to Kiva and Microfinance Lenders

Women Are Rocking the World thanks to Kiva and Microfinance Lenders
Women Are Rocking the World thanks to Kiva and Microfinance Lenders

Women Are Rocking the World thanks to Kiva and Microfinance Lenders

With programs like Kiva, which help women start their entrepreneur endeavors by giving them a microfinance loan, more women are discovering their desire to lead their own business and provide services and products to the public.

Microfinance loans are loans that are comprised of donations from people around the world, lent out to a woman with a solid business plan, and the money is paid back to those who donated over a period of time.  It gives women in the developing world a chance to start their own business utilizing a small loan.

In the USA women of all ages are developing and utilizing their entrepreneurial skills. Long gone are the days of relying on mediocre jobs to make ends meet. Women are rising up, networking, learning, and doing some pretty awesome business.  Here are a few examples of successful female entrepreneurs:

Rita Goldberg.  Rita is a 62 year old woman who loved to swim competitively as a teenager. It wasn’t until she was much older that she discovered that her passion for swimming could be her bread and butter. She opened up a British Swim School and began teaching children swimming lessons.  She not only gets to get up and go to a job she loves every day, but she’s also raking in 7 figures a year.

Renee Maloney and Cathy Deano.  These two women began a business called “Painting with a Twist”.  Their idea included asking participants who wanted to learn how to paint to bring their own wine, have a few drinks, and become an artist.  The idea came to them after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005.  Since then they have opened 62 franchise locations across 15 states and earned 7 digits in 2011.

Cinnamon Bowser.  Cinnamon began a business called “Nail Taxi” and drives around to client’s homes doing manicure and pedicures.  She saw the need for a mobile mani/pedi service and jumped on the opportunity.  Many women don’t want to go out for their pampering, so Cinnamon delights in going to them. Her business hit 6 figures in 2005 and she is thrilled at the opportunity to do what she loves every day.

Women are opting to take the entrepreneur challenge more and more in the United States and all around the world.  Single women, married women, mothers, and even retirees are letting the world know that they are very capable of rising up and leading their way in the entrepreneurial world.  If you have been thinking of starting your own business, perhaps now is the time to seriously consider creating your business plan and get started doing what you love! TAKE ACTION


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