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Brand Storytelling – The 4 P’s

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Having the ability to tell your brand’s story is a necessary part of building a brand. Crafting the right story can help convey the essence of your brand so that it touches and captivates your audience. Here are 4 key elements that your brand’s story should have.


Brand Storytelling – Make It Personal 


Your brand’s story should be relatable. It should easily connect with some facet of someone’s life. Why? Your aim is to be relevant to your intended audience or at least communicate this relevance so that consumers want to see for themselves how your brand is a match for their particular need.

Brand Storytelling – Make It Portable

Your story should be easy to tell. It should be quick to grasp, easy to remember and easy to relay to someone else. Simply put, your brand’s story should be digestible and clear enough for your audience to understand and communicate to someone else. In this way, word of mouth can be used and your brand’s story can be retold to the masses.

Brand Storytelling – Make It Pointed

Be precise about what the brand should mean to your audience. There should be no guesswork in how your brand adds value. This ‘P’ is essential, since it helps your audience to easily digest and relay your brand’s message.

Brand Storytelling – Make Sure There Is a Plot

Every story has a situation, conflict and a resolution. When crafting your brand’s story make sure that you are taking your audience on a journey that first describes the situation and conflict that make the brand necessary. Then, explain why the solution can be found in your brand’s existence. Through this journey your audience can envision their own personal, similar journey and find resolution in your brand.


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