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How often do you go shoe shopping? Maybe you are like me – I practically drool as I walk by the shoe department at various stores… but then I think to myself, “You just bought two pair… you don’t need any more… walk by… walk by… walk by…” and then you find yourself in the car with another two pairs, some of which you only wear one time. I have a bad shoe addiction, and I probably spend too much on them. That’s why I love the idea of shoe membership clubs. Listed below are a variety of shoe membership clubs and information about how they work. Then you can pair your new shoes with these 2015 fashion trends.

1) Shoe Dazzle –
This is a very popular option if you are looking for an easy way to get new, fashionable, and affordable shoes, handbags, and jewelry. For a minimum of $39.95 per month Shoe Dazzle sends you a new pair of shoes, handbag, or jewelry with free shipping. Here’s how it works: you take a style quiz where you select pictures of shoes that you like, outfits you like, and brands you prefer. Then they pick out shoes specifically designed for your taste. Between the 1st and 5th of every month you decide what you want to buy or skip for the month. If you decide to skip, then your account will not be charged. You can cancel at any time. Better yet, they usually offer a sweet deal (like 75% off your first pair) for people who are new to signing up for the VIP program, and other promotions throughout the month (like buy one, get one free). This site also shows ratings of shoes based on number of stars it recieved.

2) Just Fab –

This site is very similar to the one listed above. They charge $39.95 to belong to the VIP club that gets different specials each month. When you are new to signing up, you get 2 pair for $39.95. They also offer free shipping and free exchanges.

3) Shoe Mint –

Shoe Mint specializes in a more expensive brand of shoes. The membership is free to sign up, and then you will get emails sent to you specialized with your style of shoes. They will also send you deals like “get your first pair for $30.” You can also read their blog that shows you behind the design samples and ways to pair your shoes with fashion.

4) Sole Society –

This is a shoe membership site that was launched from the Hautelook brand. It is $49.95 per month to get 1 pair of shoes. Just like the top two, it offers to skip any months for no charge with free shipping and free exchanges. All of the shoes are made by their personal designer, so that explains the extra cost each month. They also have a variety of real leather, faux leather, and other fabrics that they use to make their shoes. Sole Society only shows reviews based on how many “likes” the shoe has received on facebook. You can view some pretty cool behind the scenes videos.

5) Other notable shoe membership sites:

Urban Outfitters Shoe Club
J. Crew Shoe of the Month Club
Hello Stiletto

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