The ABC’s of Preschool prep: How to Get Your Child Ready

Believe it or not, getting kids ready for school starts with preschool. Preschool prep isn’t like sending your kids away to college, but there are still things you need to make sure your child is ready. For some children, preschool is their first time away from parents or home caregivers. This is a huge deal to a three or four-year-old. It’s also a time of mixed emotions for parents. Many parents don’t want to see their babies go. But before they do, check out these preschool prep ideas.

Preschool Prep: Practice Practice

Many kids are afraid of starting preschool because they don’t know what to expect. You can ease their fears by doing a little role playing. You can pretend to be the teacher and let your child be the student. You can practice things like sitting on a rug quietly and looking at pictures of the alphabet to recognize letters. Also do plenty of playing to show you child preschool is fun.

Preschool Prep: Visit the School

One of the best things to do to get ready for preschool is to make sure your child actually visits his new school. Let him meet his new teachers. Let him see his new classroom. This is key when it comes to preschool prep. Kids need to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings.

Preschool Prep: Read about Preschool

preschool prep

You can accomplish two things with this tip. You can teach your child about preschool while getting the benefit of reading to them. There are a lot of books about preschool . Picture books about preschool show kids what they can expect. Books like these are a great resource.

Preschool Prep: Know the Rules

Rules at home and rules at school are two different things. Preschool may be your child’s first taste of rules like raising your hand and not interrupting. Introduce and practice these skills at home. This way your child won’t be surprised when he’s told not to interrupt and to raise his hand to speak.

Preschool Prep: Sharing is Caring

preschool prep

If your child doesn’t like to share, now is the time to break that habit. Sharing is a big part of preschool prep. You need to make sure he understands how important this concept is. If not, he’ll soon learn when a teacher takes a toy away because he has to share.

Preschool Prep: Potty Time

Many preschools require kids to be potty trained. Other schools will work with you to get your child to ditch the diapers. If your child is still a little reluctant, tell him all the other kids will be using the potty. This is usually enough motivation. Many kids don’t like to be the only one not doing things.

When it comes to preschool prep, remember all kids learn and develop at different rates. Some kids are more ready than others. Understand and accept this so you don’t drive yourself nuts. The best advice: make preschool prep fun. You want your child’s first taste of school to be a positive one!


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