The Art of Work: 10 Tips We Can Borrow From Artists

The Art of Work: 10 Tips We Can Borrow From Artists

Everyone is an artist creating their own works of art in the form of their life. What tips can we borrow from artists to apply to our masterpiece

    1. Take time to visualise your life as a blank canvas, imagine the possibilities.
    2. Seek out inspiration wherever you are
    3. Turn up to the studio each day: Try this mantra on for size “Get Up, Show Up, Dress Up”
    4. Be inspired by the masters – seek out people who are really good at what they do and learn from them
    5. Dip your brush in the paint and just start painting
    6. Get our your sketchbooks and sketch out your ideas, perhaps in words, pictures, diagrams or collage
    7. Listen to some inspiring music to maintain flow
    8. Wash your brushes at the end of each day – a little preparation for the next day gets you off to a great start each morning
    9. Make sure you have your brushes and paints ready for when the inspiration strikes – have the basics in place so that you can maximise your productivity
    10. Inspire the world with your creations.

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