The Awful Truth

{image by Sean Mc Entee}

Cluttered homes are such a dilemma for most of us. You can walk into any library or bookstore and find an abundant selection on organization. Everyone has his or her own spin on how to be organized. That’s the easy part-reading up on tips to achieve organization. But the hard part is almost always avoided-thus clutter lingers in our homes.

 There are underlying factors when it comes to being unorganized. It can be the unwillingness to learn new habits, learning NOT to purchase items mindlessly, and/or learning NOT to hold onto useless items.

 There is an emotional current to disorganization. Deal with the emotion first, in order to achieve a clutter free home. If you are unwilling to look at your life habits, then you’re unwilling to change. Not changing will keep your life in a cluttered state!

 I am often in conversations with people who are shocked at the state of their friends/family homes. Comments vary from “I can’t believe her place is such a mess!” OR “How do they live like that?” OR ”Don’t they see their mess?”  OR “They need some serious help.”  

 The last comment is more accurate; people need help but not only organized help. They need mental support! Support to excavate their lives and figure out how they got to this state in their lives.

 True organizational success occurs when you’re willing to change your mind and your closets too!

 So next time you see a family/friend in an unorganized life, lend not a hand but an ear. There are underlying emotional things they need support in. Listen carefully…a story is about to unravel.


Planting Peace!