The Best Beauty Tricks Grandmas Have Sworn By


Beauty Tricks Grandmas

We’ve all heard the saying “Mother Knows Best”. The same can be said for grandmothers. Did you ever wonder how our grandmothers’ skin always glowed with a lustrous shine minus any products? They never used anti-wrinkle creams or Botox or any of the stuff some women turn to today. Many women have their own beauty tricks they swear by, but grandmas’ may be best.


So, what were their secrets? Here are a few:


Eat Your Fruits & Veggies


How many times did your mother say that to you growing up? One of the many benefits of a healthy diet is glowing skin. Studies show that eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables gives you a healthy hue.


Vinegar Is Not Just for Salad


Although the smell may be a little tough to take, vinegar can do wonders for your hair. It’s an old, inexpensive trick to restore your hair’s shine. While you can use distilled vinegar, raw apple cider vinegar may be the best. Besides bringing your shine back, vinegar can also be used to treat the scalp. Just mix some with warm water after shampooing to fight dandruff as well as improve overall scalp health. Who knew?


Soda Can Rollers


Okay, you may not feel beautiful doing this, but the results will leave you looking beautiful. Back in the day, grandmas didn’t have hot rollers, curling irons, or flat irons to style hair. While those tools may do the trick today, they can also leave hair damaged. Instead, opt for soda cans and rubber bands. Roll your hair around the cans. Secure them with rubber bands and hair spray. Let your hair air dry. When your hair is dry, take out the soda cans, revealing big bouncy curls. Grandma didn’t need expensive tools and neither do you.


Ditching the Dark Circles


If dark circles haunt you, try a mixture of tomato and lemon juice to get rid of them. Slices of raw potato are also known to work well.


Water, Water, Water


Besides drinking plenty of water to hydrate, water is widely known to improve skin condition. Don’t just drink it. Splash some cold water your face to tone it as well.


Silk Pillowcases


This is an oldie but goodie to improve skin tone. Women always used to opt to sleep on silk pillowcases rather than cotton or other material. It won’t leave your skin wrinkly and it will eliminate frizzy hair. No one wants to wake up with bed head!


Dryer Sheets for Static Hair


The next time you have hair that you just can’t tame, rub a dryer sheet over your head. It sounds so attractive…I know. But, grandma said it worked, and it does. Static is gone in a matter of seconds. The next time you throw a hair brush in your pocket book, don’t forget the dryer sheets too!


Wash Off Your Makeup Every Night


We’re all guilty of being too lazy to rinse off our makeup at night. If you’re a chronic offender, you’re doing your skin a lot of harm. All of the chemicals from the makeup as well as the dirt that your skin can collect throughout the day can wreak havoc. Washing it every night is crucial to maintain a glowing complexion.


All of these tips are simple, cheap, and easy. It makes you wonder why we ever opted for some of the tedious and expensive routes used today!


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