The Best Jobs that Allow you to Travel

Sitting in an office from 9 to 5 can be exhausting, especially if you dream about traveling around the world. Most people who that have an office job only get a maximum of two weeks to take a vacation. The rest of the time is spent working and dreaming about how they can take adventures. Instead of working in a job that lets you travel once or twice in a year, get a job that incorporates traveling as one of the duties. If you work in the medical field, there are a few jobs that are in high demand because they allow the workers to travel all the time. They include:

1. Travel Nurse

A travel nurse doesn’t work at one specific hospital. Instead, they take on various short term tasks with different patients. These nurses go where the patient is and care for them. If you feel like you are up to the task, you can visit different medical staffing agencies and apply for a post. Such a job allows them to visit different places and live in diverse neighborhoods as they care for their patients. Consider becoming a travel nurse if you have nurse training and wish to do something more exciting.

2. Healthcare Consultant

Running a hospital is not easy and administrators often seek professional guidance on matters related to finance and staffing. If you have been trained in healthcare management, you can open a consulting firm to help hospitals with administrative affairs. The job allows you to travel to various hospitals to give them guidance where needed.

3. International Aid Worker

If you prefer to make a difference while traveling, you should consider working for international aid services like Red Cross and USAID. Your job will entail visiting countries that have been affected by famine, drought, or wars. Before you get a job, you have to undergo some medical evaluations to ensure that you are healthy enough to do the job.

Other Jobs that Allow you to Travel

In case you are not in the medical field, you can opt for the following jobs:

4. Flight Attendant

When looking for careers involving travel, you should consider being a flight attendant. Initially, most flight attendants start at their domestic base, and as they gain experience, they get the privilege of operating longer flights to countries like China, Canada, and Japan. You will get the chance of traveling in the most luxurious planes as you earn good money and benefits.

5. Cruise Ship Worker

Cruise ship jobs have a reputation of being one of the best traveling jobs. The good thing about the job is that as you earn and get the chance to interact with people from different cultures. There are a variety of positions on a cruise ship. The same can be said for working at a ski resort and other inclusive vacation destinations. You can be a technician, waitress or a cashier in the ship or resort. Working on a cruise ship or resort seems like a dream for many people, but the jobs are involving and require you to put in many hours.

Therefore, if you know that you have a strong passion for traveling the world, consider some of the jobs mentioned in this article. Traveling can be an expensive affair. However, if you look for jobs that let you travel, you can find plenty of opportunities. Most of them are from different fields so you can fit right in with the rest of the staff.


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