The Best Tools for Smart Web Designers

There’s always new and exciting technology to try in web design. The tools are being developed and advanced rapidly to meet the standards of the industry. This means one thing for web designers: they need to stay updated on the new tools to meet various needs of clients.

Whether you are an experienced web designer or a newcomer who wants to know the best apps in the business, check out our list below. Think of it as your personal guide to the hottest apps in the web design game right now.

Many of them are created to help with designing, collaborating with clients, coding, profiling, and web launch. Enjoy!

1. Adobe Photoshop

The first in our list is good old Photoshop. It has been one of the best tools in web design for many years for its reliability and functionality. Even though web designers are just a small part of the target audience of the app, they fell in love with it.

By using this tool, designers can create functional mockups, web graphics, wireframes, and UI elements. Also, remarkable photo-editing functions and plugins that make a web designer a true artist are also incredible.

2. Pixel Dropr

Speaking of Photoshop plugins, Pixel Dropr is one of the most popular right now. Its developers have delivered something that web design community has been waiting for a long time: a tool that incorporated all essential UI elements.

As the result, design process becomes much easier because Pixel Dropr allows to create a wide variety of web elements that can be dropped and dragged directly from Photoshop into a PSD file.

3. Atomic

This is another popular tool designed to enable users to create web designs in browsers and share them for viewing on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. The sharing function is especially helpful for those designers that often show their mockups to clients.

The work area of Atomic is a black canvas, which can be added with designs from Photoshop as well as interactive elements. Collaborative options are also available, allowing to send the work to colleagues for review or approval.

4. Pixelmator

Many designers believe that Pixelmator is one of the best Photoshop alternatives on Mac, and for a good reason. It is a powerful full-featured image editor with amazing features, such as move tool, transformation tool, painting engine, retouching, vector tools, effects, great editing options, and many more others.

For professional web designers, Pixelmator is great because it supports saving for web, CMYK proofing, PSD files, RAW files, image capture, and image units.

5. CodeKit

This software package is frequently used by designers who build websites on Mac. The reason why you should use it is its quickness and efficiency. For example, CodeKit automatically complies everything so you don’t have to spend too much time worrying about technical matters.

By choosing this tool, Mac designers optimize their working process and produce faster.

6. Vivaldi

Not for everybody, just you” – this is the motto of developers of Vivaldi, a highly customizable web browser. It allows the users to customize every element possible! Seriously, with Vivaldi you can customize the browser any way you want. By the way, it was built by the people who designed Opera.

For example, apart from appearance, the user can change the location of address bar and buttons, tab positions, and other elements. Also, if you found a quote for your essay paper, you can copy that text to the notes panel, thus adding the link. These and other great functions make Vivaldi a suitable option for web designers that value customization.

7. ColorDot

Are you having trouble selecting right colors for your web design project? Then ColorDot is the tool that you’ve been looking for all this time! It is an intuitive color picker that allows you to determine the colors you need. When you land on ColorDot’s home page, it is completely filled with color. As you move the mouse pointer around, the page adjusts the color, brightness, and saturation.

By saving the color for further use, just click when you create it. As the result, you can make your own color collection for the next design project.

8. Frontify

This tool is great for creating branding and style guides. It would be a perfect assistant for designers working on projects for brands that require consistency. Logos, images, color palettes, icon sets, typography, web fonts, rich text and other elements can be created using the tool.

Working in Frontify is easy. The developers provided a wide range of templates that allow to start from scratch and take advantage of editable structures and useful suggestions. All templates and guides are built to be usable without learning.

9. Affinity Designer

Another serious competitor of Photoshop with an impressive range of features. Available for both Mac and Windows, Affinity Designer is a smooth, fast, and precise graphic design tool that includes most of the functions provided by Photoshop and other popular design apps.

The success of Affinity Designer was marked with the Apple Design Award in 2015, which was received for remarkable performance indicators and features. So, if you would like to try something new and reliable, this one has it all: from a precise pen tool to a smooth gradient tool.

10. Antetype

A great option for creating responsive UI for sites and apps. Its functionality is impressive and includes responsive design tools, advanced visual design, 400+ stunning pre-designed widgets, ability to create own widgets, interactive prototypes, and many other options. Plus, Antetype community is always ready to share some tips and designs with you if needed.

Antetype differs from other tools because of its ability to create responsive prototypes and neat interactions. This makes it a great option for sharing design ideas with clients and colleagues. Moreover, it is very easy to learn, so you’ll be creating beautiful prototypes very soon after starting to use the app.


If you’re looking for good web design tools, feel free to use these ones. All of them have advanced features, which is critical for modern web designers. Moreover, using them will help you to be updated on the latest technologies in the industry!


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