The best YouTube Marketing Guide 2020

With YouTube establishing itself as the 2nd largest video streaming platform, Businesses will not enjoy the chance to consolidate as well as improve their brand position by using interactive videos that come highly effective in developing the most extensive base of followers within the minimum time. On this platform, users get the chance to have their own channels that come highly effective in executing their branding policies and marketing plans. Users even have the chance to embrace ad videos that get streamed in other channels, in addition to the ones that they own. Are you wondering how to create promo video on YouTube that will attract the attention of the widest base of followers? Here comes your guide in that regard. Besides, you can rely on Invideo to create great videos.

Tricks and tips for optimizing your YouTube Channel?

The more views are on your YouTube channel, the higher the revenues you earn. This implies, you inevitably need to optimize the channel that will maximize the extent of views over your efforts to promote brand awareness. You can certainly try the following points to accomplish this objective: 

1. You need such a design for the channel homepage that is highly compelling 

It is the homepage that people will notice first about your channel. Hence, you must give it such a design that will impress them in the first instance. Your channel homepage must feature a professional look and must provide a clear impression about what your channel is all about: 

  1. Ensure that you have chosen a compelling Profile Picture.
  2. It will be worthy to upload channel art. You must add the personalities and the channel schedule to the artwork. 
  3. You must select the right channel trailer. 
  4. It is an excellent idea to try the playlist for the best works on the channel homepage. In case you include a channel owned by your friends in the playlist, the featuring channel will develop a connection in the mind of the viewers and the algorithm that relates to these channels. 
  5. Channels having the highest followers feature that they all have an About page. This page should list a short and compelling description of your channel. This will enable you to keep the traffic to your channel premium and relevant. 

Invest good time to research for descriptions, Tags, and, Titles 

Tags, Titles, as well as descriptions come handy in driving more and more traffic to your channel. As such, you don’t have options other than to make good use of these resources. Most importantly, you need to opt for such opportunities that are engaging and appealing and can differentiate your channel from others. This would only be possible when you select the titles, tags, and descriptions in a careful and considerate manner. The more exclusive are these resources, the higher will be the volume of traffic attracted to your channel. So, you must find these resources with ample research that inevitably needs you to put some extensive time in this regard. 

Besides using tags, headlines, as well as Descriptions, you can even add some keywords to your channel. This will act as an index to your channel when users search for something that comes in line with your channel. 

Optimize your YouTube channel as well as the videos to retain the audience for longer watch time 

What is the purpose of creating cool intro videos for your products and services? Well, you want to communicate your marketing messages in the most impactful and convincing manner. However, research suggests that viewers take the minimum time to churn-off from a channel or a video. So, you need to look around for ways that will retain the viewers on your channels as well as compel them to view the video until the end. If this plan is to be accomplished, you don’t have options other than to optimize your YouTube channel as well as the video contents on the channel. 

Here is your guide to materialize this plan: 

  • Think about structuring the channel playlist that will produce a linear viewing experience for your viewers. 
  • Thumbnails and Titles for your channel and videos should be selected in a style that gives a real-time preface about the content to come up. 
  • You must use YouTube cards across the entire length of the Videos. 
  • It is a candid idea to create the content for your channel based on the Keywords that you have selected for your YouTube Channel. 

Following these points, you can certainly expect to enhance the traffic visiting your channel that, in turn, increases the chances of the target customers watching your videos. This will unquestionably improve the awareness about your brand, and it is likely to offer some significant impetus for driving actual sales within the minimum time. 

Guide to advertise on YouTube

On YouTube, you will have the chance to run advertisements on videos of other users, and besides, you stand a chance to earn money by allowing others to run their advertisements on the videos you post. This not only helps in exchanging revenues, but you can expect for enhanced brand awareness.  

You can even opt for Retargeting and Remarketing techniques to advertise on YouTube. You can also utilize your Google Adword Accounts for promoting your videos on YouTube that will undoubtedly drive the campaigns more reliably. 

Generating Leads with YouTube 

One of the most effective measures to accomplish this plan is to try YouTube cards. In that regard, you can pick from the following options: 

  1. Playlist or video that promotes your content
  2. Redirecting to channel owned by other users
  3. Encourage donations by selecting the Non-profit organization of your choice. 
  4. You can even request users to participate in Pools
  5. Links that drive users to any approved web page. 

Besides, it will be worthy of trying to generate leads through search or by using landing pages that feature End Screens. 

As to Monetize your channel, try the following tricks: 

  • Revealing products through Conversions. 
  • Adding product reviews 
  • Employing a dedicated series of integration.