The Blessing and Curse of Social Media


Social media is an amazing tool.

You can connect with people across the country and around the world who share your same interests and goals. You can get help with any problem you can possibly think off and develop friendships online that can grow offline and last for years.

But there is another side to social media.

The side that makes you doubt yourself because you don’t have x number of followers, likes, and views. If you’re not careful, social media can do a real number on your self-esteem because you start to wonder what’s wrong with you or what you’re doing wrong that’s keeping you from having the mass audience that others seem to have. You can get so caught up in comparing yourself to others that you start to compromise who and what you are in order to try and attract a larger following.

Now there’s nothing wrong with tweaking your profile or taking a fresh look at the methods you are using in social media. Maybe you are on too many platforms or worse yet, the wrong platforms and you need to figure out which ones are really working for you and concentrate on building your audience there.

For me personally, I was starting to seriously doubt myself with two social media platforms in particular and when I took a closer look I realized exactly what the problem was and made some adjustments. Those two platforms are Twitter and YouTube.

Now some people absolutely love Twitter and think it is the best social media platform out there for business and personal use. I couldn’t seem to wrap my arms around it for either one and therefore did little with it because I really didn’t understand it so I didn’t use it that much. Now it’s still a work in progress, but once I went through and un-followed a bunch of people that I had very little to no interaction with and concentrated on engaging with those followers I do have interaction with, things really started to change.

I also realized that with Twitter, I was sitting back and waiting for the conversation to come to me rather than starting one myself and once I did that, I found that people were more than happy to tweet back, re-tweet and favorite and I am enjoying Twitter much more now!

Now YouTube is a whole different story. I have a channel which has some hair videos, some weight loss videos, and some videos from a challenge I was in (but have since dropped out); and I know that the issue for me here is that I am not comfortable being on camera. The funny thing is I feel like I have things that I’d like to say on camera rather than write at times, but I feel so self-conscious that I don’t even bother and you know the number one rule on YouTube is consistency; I won’t even say it’s a matter of content because we have all seen some crazy things on YouTube!

To deal with my YouTube issues I am going to make a personal goal of doing one video a week for now and posting it to my channel. You know that saying from the movie Field of Dreams, ‘if you build it, they will come’? Well that is what I intend to do: slowly build my video catalog there and hopefully over time, I will increase my subscribers.

The bottom line for me in terms of social media is just being true to myself; as long as I do that I won’t worry about how many followers or likes I have and I won’t compare myself to others because there is only one me and if you take the time to get to know me through my interactions online, you will definitely be back!

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