The Cheating Curve

the cheating curve

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You’ve heard that repeating an action for 21 “consecutive” days turns that action into a habit.

That is almost a month!

They say the first week is critical to your success, but the hardest part is marked on day 10 and further.

Your mind begins judging your habit as a sort of Mind Story. These Mind Stories evolve and they can discourage you quickly. By day 15 you are struggling to hang on and by 21 the odds aren’t looking good.

I think the best way to form a habit is to begin small. A new habit is a new way of thinking.

Reflect on what seems to be an eye sore in your home. Is it the un-kept bed? Unloaded dishwasher? Dirty countertops? Full Trashcan?

Pick 1 thing you want to maintain for 21 days.  Choose only 1 thing. As you start to see this maintained, you will notice a shift in you and a change in the item picked. As you continue along your self-esteem increases, your mind-stories minimize, and the positive results influence you to continue on.

If you just chose 1 habit a month, by end of the year you will have built 12 new habits. I would love to hear about your new habits you have recently created.

Nothing is more difficult and therefore more precious than to be able to decide. –Napoleon Bonaparte

Planting Peace,