The Different Ways in Which Social Media Helps to Achieve Better Search Rankings

There has always been a hot debate regarding the impact of social media on search engine rankings. Most people believe that contrary to expectations and assumptions, Google and other search engines are insensitive to social signals. Even though it is generally established that Google does not recognize social media as a direct ranking factor, the search engine has admitted that it does use Facebook and Twitter links as valid social signals for ranking websites. It is also true that even if the posts on social media do not directly influence the search engine ranking, the following ways can be used to leverage social media to help your website to rank better:

Obtain a Large Number of Links with Good Domain Authority 

Backlinks have always been considered as one of the most important factors influencing the search engine ranking of a website. All other things being equal, websites that have a larger number of good quality backlinks will score over sites that have fewer backlinks. However, the quality of the backlinks is a very important factor, even more than the number of backlinks, in how high the website ranks for a target keyword on Google search. According to, an active and large social following can create the trust and credibility that helps to gain links to the posted web content. 

When you concentrate on implementing a better standard of social media marketing, it is more likely that the backlinks of the right domain authority will be attracted. The search engine will invariably notice and take into account the higher number of shares the content gets on social media and stat pushing your website up the ranks. When the content is of very high quality, you can expect not only power users or influencers to link to you but also other bloggers and websites specializing in the niche. The social media content strategy is aimed at making it attractive to the target audience so that they engage with the business and are encouraged to share the content with like-minded people. This means social media performs the task of a content distribution channel. If the content is of very high quality, relevant, and useful, it will be able to generate higher engagement and a large number of backlinks.

Build a Strong Following 

Successful marketing demands the availability of a product or service that meets with the expectation of consumers. However, the success of the business will depend on the marketing being able to create the necessary demand, which can only be done by letting the target audience know of the product or service and its special features. Reaching out to the early adopters is especially important as they are very important from the point of generating the all-important word-of-mouth recommendations. It is important to keep in mind that marketing success can only be achieved if and only if the target audience knows of the product and service. 

The contemporary marketing environment is intensely competitive and businesses are prepared to invest whatever it takes to grab a dominant market share. This is the reason why marketers need to go flat out to reach out to the target audience; if need be, marketers should be ready to buy followers. This is the reason why social media is so much favored by marketers – it lets them build a connection with a vast population of potential customers with relative ease and minimum investment in time, effort, and money. The real trick is to find the social media platforms that are commonly used by the target audience and then work on creating social content that not only delivers value to them but also lets you engage with them and build the necessary connection with them for establishing credibility and trust. The more vibrant the presence on social media is the more followers are inclined to visit the website and carry out transactions. This surge in website traffic is a very strong SEO signal that prompts Google to push the website up the rankings.

Increase the Volume of Branded Searches 

An integral part of online marketing, including social media marketing, is continually growing your audience and creating a strong brand image. Social media is especially helpful in assisting the business to create a relationship of trust with the target audience. Brand recognition increases significantly with the constant flow of updates and fresh content that is very high quality and relevant to them as a result of which, they know exactly who you are and the sort of content they can expect from you. With constant exposure, they will become more convinced of the quality of the content and treat you as a valuable and trusted source of information. The increased brand awareness has a positive outcome on the volume of organic traffic to your website and the number of clicks on the website URL in the SERPs. Since Google considers the click-through rate as a very important SEO signal, it results in the search ranking gets boosted with the online visibility getting suitably enhanced.

It should also be appreciated that the clicks originating from the boost in the rankings tend to have bounce rates that are far less than normal simply because the people clicking on the URLs are already well aware of the brand and know what to expect when the webpage launches. This means that far fewer users will be hitting the back button after visiting your website. As all SEO practitioners know, a low bounce rate is a very healthy SEO signal which translates to a high search engine ranking that gives you the much-needed competitive edge. Keep in mind that when you increase brand awareness through social media, you have a situation where an increased number of people are looking out specifically for your brand. This is extremely important from the point of boosting organic traffic to your website as well as your social media accounts.


Just because there is no direct link between SEO and social media, it does not mean that social media cannot influence search rankings. By getting a large number of links with established domain authority, increasing the number of followers, and the number of branded searches as well as understanding the search intent, you can positively impact SEO and boost your page rankings for increased organic traffic and conversions. 

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.