The future of web development and trends to keep in mind

In order for any business or individual to stay relevant online, it is vital that they are up to date with web development and taking note of any advancements and ongoing trends. What does the rest of this year and the future hold for web development?

Customer support automation – Documents and sections on websites providing us with answers to FAQs and free helplines have always been welcomed by customers, however, they are now asking for more than this when it comes to supporting them. Customer support will most likely become fully automated in the future. Natural language processing and understanding is now much improved and chatbots and artificial intelligence will help any problems in this area. Next gen human-like AI service agents will have customers feeling as though they are speaking to a real person. For example, you might be playing at an online casino, like mFortune or Dream Jackpot, maybe playing your favorite slot or playing bingo and need some advice and turn to live chat. You may be speaking to a computer, but it will feel like there is a person responding to you at the other end of the screen.

Push notifications for websites and progressive web apps – Progressive web apps and push notifications can complement each other very well. PWAs can provide an app like experience without the user having to actually visit the app store and make a download onto their device. It is now possible for these websites to send push notifications to users, offer offline support and even camera access for them and the apps.

Virtual reality – It is very likely that we will see a massive increase in the number of sites using virtual reality moving forwards. VR can help to change the way we communicate and interact with the technology world. To use VR in the web development world requires a massive library and we are now seeing many e-commerce websites use VR in order for their customer to interact with their products online, for example whilst shopping for clothes.

SaaS – Creating a website that is completely coded free, with the use of tools is now a trend in web development. Now companies are offering tools that advertise a user experience that doesn’t need any knowledge of coding or programming and a basic know-how in regard to photoshop or in fact any photo editor may be enough. Saas is a subscription model that is entirely cloud-based and enables your data to be accessed from anywhere. The user would not need to download and install any specific product onto their device and would just be able to visit a SaaS site on their browser and log in and edit their site that way.

Whilst ever the internet exists new trends will come and go. It is really important though that as a web developer or company director you keep up with trends and make sure that your web page doesn’t fall behind those of competitors and result in lost business.


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