The G20’s Best and Worst Countries for Women

The G20 represents the 20 top global economies in the world (19 countries, plus the European Union). The leaders of these countries meet annually at a summit, to shape global policy and create worldwide social change. In 2011 we helped the Thomson Reuters Foundation visualize the 5 Most Dangerous Countries for Women, exposing some of the most shocking realities that women face in the world. Based on the success of that project, Reuters asked us to illustrate the powerful G20’s own record on women’s rights. The annual G20 summit is happening again this year on June 18th. It is a chance for world leaders to make lasting change in the world. As these countries work toward a better future, we hope that by highlighting their own truths, we can draw attention to the work that is still left to do. Some of the facts: The US is ranked #6: Behind Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and France. 90% of women in Indonesia claim to have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace. In China, 1/4 of women think it’s justifiable for a man to beat his wife. …In India, it is more than 1/2. 14,000 women in Russia die annually from domestic violence.

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