The Great Job Hoax

There is new data out recently from a Gallup Poll stating that 70% of American workers are disengaged or emotionally disconnected in their careers. Firstly, 70% is a striking number in itself, meaning more than two-thirds of our nation’s workers are discontent with what they do for a living each day. Of the 70%, nearly 50% are not engaged or inspired in their jobs and are just going through the motions, while the other 20% are actively disheartened by what they do and therefore, consistently rant and complain about their jobs and/or bosses. Most of the complaints are in regard to bosses with poor management skills that ignore talent in their workers, thus not providing their employees any opportunity for growth. Consequently, this means that only 30% of the American workforce is interested and enthusiastic with their job or career.

If you are working or have ever worked, then you probably are surprised, but not totally shocked by these statistics. For me, these drastic numbers further my view on the decline of the American business, job, and career. There is a shift happening among discontented workers who will not stand being a player in the insufficient and ill-compensating job world. People are realizing that they receive ultimately nothing while working for someone else and are left with no other choice than to embark on a career or business of their own. These are your self-starters who realize that they need to take matters into their own hands and control their own financial destiny. They use their innate talents and skills to provide benefit not only to the lives of others, but also to improve themselves. Many of these workers are sick and tired of working so many hours for little pay and worst of all, not having time for what is most important in their lives: family, friends, and free time.

Work should not have to be our lives. We spend about 8-9 hours working each day and sleep (on a good night) between 7-8 hours, which leaves only about 7-9 hours for eating and drinking, transporting ourselves to/from work, household chores, shopping and errands, spending time with family, leisure or “free-time” for ourselves, etc. Over the course of the last year or so, I have wondered what we are doing in this world where we spend so much of our short time on this planet working in general, and worse yet, working in jobs that are literally killing us due to the stresses we face daily. From our bosses to time schedules to the lack of money, we are all doing ourselves a disservice. That is why we need to either change our views on what it means to work by finding ways to make the job we currently have more inspiring or change our jobs to something more inspiring.

Maria D’Alessandro is a Health & Wellness Coach who focuses on reducing stress and creating a balanced life. More information can be found at

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