The little-known benefits of prepaid calling cards – Can they make life easier?

This is the age when people spend a lot of time talking on their cell phones. There are too many friends and family members with whom we wish to talk to and business associates with whom we wish to stay in touch in order to discuss projects and deals. Prepaid calling cards usually a perfect way for calling people from any telephone and from any place in the world. Such prepaid calling cards were initiated in the 1970s but nowadays they’re widely used all over the world, especially by those who travel a lot for business purposes.

The Business Phone Card from EnjoyPrepaid is one of the best solutions for those busy businessmen who travel for making business deals throughout the world. They often need to stay in touch with their fellow colleagues to keep them updated on what’s going on and that too at a cheap cost. This is when they need to take resort to prepaid calling cards or business calling cards to make cheap international calls. Let’s take a quick look into the few benefits of such calling cards.

  • Rates are ultra-low: Prepaid phone cards usually have lower long
    distance call rates than the other conventional long distance
    services including VOIP. By utilizing a prepaid phone card, you can
    save around 95% on all your long distance calls. The best part is
    that you don’t need to switch long-distance carrier companies to
    get the competitive rates which are offered by the prepaid phone

  • Can be used with any phone: You can use telephone calling cards
    with any phone, your home phone, office phone, cell phone and you
    don’t even have to discontinue your current long-distance service.
    In majority of the cases, a phone card will provide you with better
    per-minute rates.

  • Ideal for vacation and travel: When you’re about to travel
    somewhere for business purposes or you need to go for a vacation
    either within USA or internationally, be sure you carry a prepaid
    phone card along with you. This is the ideal solution to all your
    lost communication woes. When you make some major calls from
    airports, hotels, you can save a lump sum. Get in touch with a
    mobile service provider to ensure that they accommodate calling card

  • Budget calls for long distance calls: Once you purchase a large
    denomination or a definite number of smaller denomination calling
    cards, they can fit in your monthly long distance call budget. You
    can therefore pay as you go and this means no more sudden phone
    bills by the end of the month.

  • Saves time: There are some new calling companies which offer
    convenient time saving features which makes them extremely
    user-friendly. It is as easy as taking your home phone and making a

Therefore, if you’re someone who has been wondering about whether or not to
use prepaid calling cards, you should take into account the above mentioned
points. Get a card from a trusted provider so that you are not deceived
with hidden charges.

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