The ‘New And Improved’ Twitter

Twitter many updates this month including one for Facebook Mobile and the much anticipated iOS6 Apple update, it was only time before Twitter, too, underwent some serious changes. Recently, not only has Twitter updated its web site, but also its mobile application. You’ll definitely see the new Twitter changes when you update your mobile application, but you may not see the new updates online just yet—unless you want to. Twitter has allowed users to switch back and forth between the older and newer version of its website. Not ready to switch? Here’s what you can expect when you do.

  • Twitter’s Revamped profile picture and header: Keeping up with its direct competition, Facebook, Twitter has recreated how visitors view its members. Recently, Twitter has been continuing to release updates that make the overall page design and profile picture more crisp and clean. With this latest update, Twitter showcases users with a new, visually appealing profile picture with a header display as well. The reason? Twitter thinks that “users have much more to show” and they’re absolutely correct. The header picture now acts as a landing page when opened.
  • Expanded Tweets are now tweaked: The new design also has a built in feature that when clicked, allows the tweet to expand and show details such as location, date, and who has either favorited or retweeted the said tweet. This gives users more options and has been praised already by many ‘tweeters’.
  • Tailored Trends & Followers:  Twitter has made it easier for users to connect with people with similar likes. Consequently, they have also managed to tailor trends that go beyond regional trends, which is also based off of who you follow.
  • Twitter says ‘goodbye’ to LinkedIn and ‘hello’ to Facebook: Twitter has been extremely cautious lately with allowing developers to use their API. Recently, Twitter no longer allowed social media sensation, Instagram, to use its API for Instagram users to find their followers from Twitter. Now, they have also suspended its API to LinkedIn. On the other hand, Twitter strengthened its relations with Facebook, creating a very tightly knit integration that users of both platforms will enjoy.
  • Improved Search Options: Twitter has made finding people and searching trends much easier now (finally!).  Twitter has incorporated autocomplete when searching for followers or people who follow you. Similarly, Twitter has done a better job at suggesting new followers.

Twitter is slowly becoming the world’s best source for obtaining news and catching up on what’s hot and new. Twitter, itself, is keeping up with social media trends and is making themselves extremely apparent, visible, and known in this niche market.


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