Humans: The Once & Future King

I was struck by something today. An article from Wired came across my screen – “Software Is Still King. Hardware Is Just Along for the Ride” . I realized that we are bombarded with news that “Phil Intheblank is the king” or “Sowan So Rules the World”.

We are constantly in search of a leader. Do you really think that pledging allegiance to a “great one” will give you focus, clarity and direction along with a healthy dose of self-importance? Perhaps you should looking much closer to home.

Think about all the times you hear about new royalty. The new King. The Queen.

“Software Is Still King. Hardware Is Just Along for the Ride”
“Myspace: The Once and Future King of Social Media?”
“Content Is King – But Context Is Queen And Technology Is The Royal Household!”
“Blogs are the King of Social Media Marketing”
“Content marketing is king”
“Facebook is king for social conversions”
“Here’s the Secret to Facebook Staying King of Social Media ”
“Why Email Marketing is King”
“Android Remains President, but Apple is King”

Social media, blogging, content marketing, Facebook, MySpace, Apple, Android, technology or email marketing are not kings, queens or princesses. [pause] [pause] We are.

Why are we so special? Well, most other beings adapt slowly. It’s a generation by generation evolution. Sure we do that. But, we do more. As humans, our capability for symbolic thought, combined with our ability to cooperate in groups makes us uniquely suited to quickly adapt to a changing environment. This is a big thing. A very big thing. That quick adaptation enables us the luxury of timely responsiveness. We can be the change we want to see. We are the seeds of our own reclamation, our redemption, our success. Listen to this fellow humans, that glass is half-full – – and we have the ability to fill it up! The power of the individual to make timely changes that affect our lifetime is astounding. The power of people working together to do this is mind-blowing.

The FearLess Revolution, founded by Alex and Ana Bogusky, explores new, more meaningful relationships between people, brands and culture. They’re all about wanting more – “more from ourselves and more from the people who make our stuff.” It’s crazy, radical stuff like supporting the ‘MADE in America’ movement.

Intertwined with all of the things we claim to be “kings” of the business world is the potential to be human. Enmeshed in humans is the potential to be queens, kings and masters of the universe. Humans are the ‘once and future king’.

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