The Peace of Completion: Tying Up Loose Ends to Free Up Mental Energy

By: Dawn Gluskin

As the CEO of my own small business and mother to a young child, time is one of my most valuable resources… and it is very limited! Thusly, I must make a lot of compromises throughout my day, and, well, let’s just say not everything on my to-do list always gets done in a timely manner. Frankly, said list had recently gotten a bit out of control. In creating the bad habit of sweeping some of my loose ends under the proverbial rug to be dealt with “later,” as so many of us do, the huge pileup of undones was inadvertently zapping my energy, momentum, and focus. It took me getting pregnant with my second child to get real about all of these pesky incomplete tasks that were roaming around like free radicals in my brain and wreaking havoc on my subconscious.

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