The Perceived Definition Of Success For Women Professionals

(Part 2)

It suggested by my friends that success is partly defined by being part of formal and informal networking arrangements for women, these can be established and co-ordinated by both men and women.

The establishment of relevant professional networking arrangements may also prove beneficial if there is significant buy-in from those concerned within the company, this will need careful consultation if it is to be worth the potential effort involved.  For this, it is possible that one taps into wider industry networks (for example online networks), or alternatively there may be an opportunity to lead forward with such an initiative. (Kuwait currently does not have any of these networks, maybe an opportunity to establish one?)

Generally, the influence of mentors as career facilitators, greater formal support and encouragement from line managers and senior management (not just through existing reporting lines) would also be very helpful and support overall job success.

A relatively easy win can be achieved through the formulation of a corporate work-life balance policy. However, the success of these will depend on the relevance of these to employees globally, the effectiveness of their communication and the time it takes to embed them into the company’s culture.  These should ideally be seen as part of a wider move towards diversity and equal opportunity networks.

It is interesting and encouraging to note the reluctance among my friends to endorse ‘positive discrimination’, and this should be borne in mind for network, communication and education purposes in the context of the wider definition of success.

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