The Personal Paradigm Shift we are all CALLED to make


Recently I stumbled across a picture quote that a friend had posted on Instagram and saved it without thinking much of it. I kept seeing it over the days that followed until this morning as I rushed around getting ready to leave on my flight to Texas these insights relating to it hit me smack in the face.

The picture said “I SEE, I WANT, I GRIND, I GET”

Now I don’t know about you, but up until over the last year ago or so, that would’ve been something I “liked” and probably even reposted, but now as my awareness and values have changed I find it a little disturbing in a way. “I SEE, I WANT, I GRIND, I GET” is in my opinion simple 8 words that profoundly explains the major problems I see in the world around us. They powerfully exemplify the current value system held by a big population of the world, especially western society. This egocentric world view expresses the selfish need to want and acquire all this “stuff” that we won’t be able to take with us when we depart this earth anyways.

Now I’m not saying we should all completely turn our backs on the material world completely, I believe we have been given this gift called LIFE to be here on this earth and enjoy ourselves and be happy! I will also be one of the first to say that nice things DO make life nicer and that there is nothing wrong with having desire to enjoy some of the nicer things in life. I am also not suggesting that the idea of goal setting and striving for things we desire is bad, in fact I believe that is one of the healthiest and most important aspects of life. However from the perspective of those 8 words pointing to the very obviously materialistic centered paradigm most of western society finds itself in, I’m suggesting and challenging everyone joined in a major shift. What if we participated and engaged in a shift from something like “I SEE, I WANT, I GRIND, I GET” to something more like “I SEE, I LOVE, I ACT, I HELP?”

What if we all stopped focusing so much on how much we could GET and instead started focusing on how much we could GIVE? What if we all hustled and worked to the best of our abilities not so we could make more money just so we could buy more material possessions, and instead focused on making more money so we could all help more people and have more time freedom to be with the ones we love and making a difference in the world right where we are?

I’ll never forget a quote I read from Oprah Winfrey in Newsweek years ago that said “When you get money out of the way in your life, you can focus on the things in life that actually matter.” And I believe that 100%; most people are so focused on making a living and keeping up with the Joneses that they forget to design a life and do what will give them the most joy and fulfillment.

We all need to shift our value system and personal paradigms from an EGOCENTRIC view to an ALTRUISTIC one. This will not only completely transform the way we interact with all other human beings but it will drastically ELEVATE our own personal levels of happiness and fulfillment and bring us more joy and inner peace.

We should even take it one step further, and start replacing the personal pronouns “I”, “ME” and “MINE” with “US”, “WE” and “OUR.” Not just in our verbal communication, but on a deeper more personal level that expresses our understanding of the UNITY we have with the rest of life and all others living on this glorious place called Earth. We all need to more consciously shift to living in a more harmonious way in a spirit of cooperation with our fellow inhabitants on this earth.


Doesn’t that sound beautiful? This is the personal challenge I give to everyone I can reach, lets start learning to simplify our lives, and learn to be happy with less, so we can give and help others more. Let’s engage in more philanthropic activities, volunteer more, stretch ourselves with our tithes and offerings and charitable giving.

We don’t need to feel bad for having desires and even seeking to have and enjoy the opulent things life has to offer, as long as we understand that though those things can bring some temporary enjoyment they can never bring lasting happiness and fulfillment. WANT LESS – GIVE MORE. Very Simple.

As Jim Rohn said so eloquently “The greatest value in life is not what you get, the greatest value in life is what you become.”

Service to others isn’t just what brings us the most happiness and fulfillment, it is what we are designed and put here on this earth to do. It is our birthright and duty while we are here. Service to others is the ultimate path that leads to personal Greatness, happiness, joy and fulfillment.

God Bless You All,

Jason Matthew Herrington

Jason Herrington is an entrepreneur, writer and personal and spiritual development coach in Santa Barbara, California. He operates a Blog and project called Elevate 2 Great, which seeks to show people how to Step up to their personal greatness, change their life and change the world. He has 4 year old son and behind his love for God and is son is his love for helping, inspiring, encouraging and lifting up others!

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