The Power of Learning

And old but good tip for growing your business is to never stop learning.  Today, I write with a new perspective on moving forward.  I’ve spent the past few days reorganizing,  and came across some correspondences from a couple of years back.  As I read these letters that I addressed to partners or other communications pros, I was amazed at how much has changed in just a few short years.  I, too, have changed and am far more knowledgeable about communications than I was then, even than I was a year ago.  I was reminded of the fast pace at which everything is changing now, and how so often that can be intimidating, frustrating, and disheartening as you try to grow your business.  I was also reminded of how important it is to never stop learning.

My advice to business owners today is to accept the rapidity of change and embrace it, but also to never stop learning.  For many years, I have been building a library of resources.  I turn to these resources often, to stay up to date on my industry.   Martin Zwilling takes it a step further, he shares in a March 2012 article, that the most successful entrepreneurs never stop learning until they die.  I agree.  What I’ve learned by adopting the habit of ‘always learning’ is that I’ve really built a strong foundation from which to draw when I am trying to learn something new.  More often than not, new technologies are really an improvement of another similar technology. With a good foundation, you can pick up how to use the next greatest tool pretty easily.  Eventually, you begin to recognize how to apply it to your business and see ways to integrate it with other strategies.

At our cafe, we’ve tried to help you keep up with change. We provide you with a library of resources, aptly called our “resource stand“.  Our intent is to give you access to resources to help you with current issues you are facing in your business or industry.  But I also want to extend an open invitation to email me with any questions.  We are still building our resource stand, and will be forever, so if there is not a tool posted that helps you, email me. I’m sure to have something I can send you or I will find it for you.

And finally, coffee seems to make everything better.  Grab a cup and take a minute to read about something new today relating to your business.  The photo above is of the Redwood Forest in northern California.  I included it as a reminder to stand tall and remain steadfast; you will succeed.

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