The Power Of The Consumer’s Voice According To The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell

Aggressive techniques and heavy-handed, pushy salespeople are using outdated marketing strategies of the past according to Brian Greenberg otherwise known as The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell.  Rather, the founder and president of True Blue Life Insurance believes in a more customer-centric approach that involves harnessing the power of the consumer’s own voice to drive up interest and to boost revenue. So, how is one of the most creative people in the financial services industry paving the way for a new generation of digital marketers? He’s leading from the front by example.

Generating Reviews To Leverage Positive Opinion

The secret to Brian Greenberg’s success lies in his determination to avoid the hardcore marketing strategies that he encountered in his early days of entrepreneurship. Having run several successful financial services, marketing, and e-commerce businesses since 2003, Greenberg has seen a dramatic change over the years in how online selling is carried out and he has witnessed first-hand how businesses need to adapt to change.

He recognized that 90% of consumers read website reviews and, with this in mind, he decided to harness the power of this to his own advantage. He began to work on ways of generating more reviews and to leverage the positive testimonials left by satisfied customers to raise brand awareness, build up more trust in his businesses, increase conversion rate, and boost future sales. It was a strategy that massively paid off. So much, in fact, that to date he has collected over 10,000 testimonials and consumer reviews which has led to him earning the accolade of being named as one of the top creative individuals within the financial service industry.

The Importance Of Customer Trust For Selling Success

Although Greenberg doesn’t use aggressive selling techniques, he has stilled managed to boost sales and increase profits for the businesses that he runs and advises. So, how does he achieve this?

The answer is his customer-focused approach. He puts the emphasis on offering the best level of customer service while also encouraging consumers themselves to act in the role of sellers by leaving positive reviews. It’s a tactic that is blazing an impressive trail throughout the digital marketplace as Greenberg leads by example, showing others the best ways to enable customers to leave reviews and, in turn, how to use those reviews to improve their reputation, boost their brand awareness, and exponentially grow their businesses. With this in mind, it isn’t too difficult to see how Greenberg has earned himself the reputation as the Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell.

Harnessing The Potential For Your Own Business

Greenberg’s book, which is named after his alias, helps other business owners to harness the potential of customer opinion and leverage it to their own advantage. He makes it clear that any company can increase its profits by simply embracing the possibilities that online reviews can offer, allowing increased trust in its brand as a tool for business growth, improvement, and profitability.