The Pressure is on for the Female Solopreneur

Being a female solopreneur means the pressure is on. Not only are we going it alone, but we have to live up to the expectations of our family and friends. On the business side, we have to live up to the expectations of our investors or partners. I have been fortunate enough to finally connect with other women in the local business community, and recently my business was accepted into a local incubator, where there are female mentors available.

Sometimes people ask me if I’m afraid of what lies ahead, and at times the truth is yes, but more often I am just excited at all the possibilities. Sometimes so excited that I can’t sleep at night! I really think it is important to connect with other female entrepreneurs not only locally but on sites like this where we can reach out to others who are going through the same things. This is a great place to just make a statement, get advice on how to tackle a problem or do something other than work when you can’t sleep :)


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