The Quick Guide to Facebook Business Pages

Need to get up to speed quickly on using Facebook Business Pages for marketing? Here are some of the best posts I’ve found on the net.

Facebook Business PagesRather than try to compile an exhaustive list – which tends to be, well, exhausting to read – the aim here is to create a step-by-step walk-through of Facebook business pages by the social media experts that know the network the best.

Let’s start with the awesome Facebook 101 Business Guide on Social Media Examiner by Mari Smith. If you only visit one of the links on this page, this is the one to choose.

It’s a comprehensive guide to creating personal and business profiles, how best to keep personal and business updates separate, how to grow your network and a 6-step guide to setting up a Facebook page to achieve your marketing and promotional goals. This is priceless advice from an acknowledged Facebook expert who’s regularly quoted in Forbes, the WSJ and Fortune.


The biggest change in profile pages in a long time is the new Timeline feature. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income – which is a blog that should be on your radar – has a handy explanation and a practical tutorial on the subject.

Need some visual inspiration for creating your own Timeline? Here are 40 of the most creative.

How To Get More Facebook Likes

Ignore the advice in that Kevin Costner film because, sadly for us, “If you build it they will come”, should really be, “If you build it they might come – it kind of depends if they have a lot on today”.

That means you’ve got to get creative in order to build a user base for your Facebook page and to get users to Like your content. Here are 10 ways to do that. And here are another 50 mostly different ideas. Just ignore the advice to buy Likes on Fiverr because having unemployed group people from Romania Liking your page won’t do much for your brand.

Just one more – a diamond tip on how to make it easier to get Likes from within status updates.

But Wait, There’s More

How can Facebook Offers be used to promote your business and draw in more customers? Check this post from Mari Smith and here’s a review of 75 apps to help make your business page easier to maintain and more engaging to users.

Finally, Facebook experts agree that creating a custom landing tab for your page can increase your conversions by as much as double. If you’re a technical type – or need to send a link to someone who is – this HubSpot tutorial explains all.

Caimin blogs about running successful online businesses at Genius Startup and is the author of 90 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website Without Using Social Media.


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