The right to health as one of the fundamental human rights and its relevance to the United States

To begin with, it is important to highlight the fact that the right to health is a fundamental human right that is recognized under international law. It has been stated by the WHO in 1946 in its constitution. Today, a lot of people understand that health care is a right that they can exercise at any time. However, depending on the country and the way in which health care is provided in that country, it is not always possible to get medical treatment for free. In this article, we will take a closer look at the health care system in general, as well as examine how it functions in the United States of America.

What is the essence of the right to health?

To put it simply, the right to health means that you can get medical assistance whenever you require it. What is more, it also presupposes being able to say ‘no’ to medical treatment. If you are currently working on the task of writing a human rights law essay and are studying health laws in different countries, this is the first thing for you to mention in your piece of writing. The next aspect to consider in your human rights essay is the way in which people can exercise this right in different countries.

The right to health in the UK

If you are required to focus on the right to health in the UK in your law essay, you should begin by mentioning the fact that health care is free. Due to the fact that the right to health is recognized as a fundamental human right, it has been possible for those patients who have been mistreated by the NHS to get justice, as well as receive some compensation. Another point for

you to highlight in your human rights essay is that medical staff in the UK cannot ignore parents’ objections to the way in which their children are being treated. If you are currently working on your law essay academic experts, don’t forget to mention that it is also the responsibility of the hospital to protect the patients at the risk of suicide. Surely, being able to seek and receive information about their health is a basic health right for every single citizen of the United Kingdom.

The right to health in the USA

Speaking about the United States of America, every single citizen of the country obviously has the right to receive medical care whenever they need it as it is their fundamental right. However, what is going to be a bit puzzling for anyone who is dealing with the task of writing a human rights law essay on this topic is that getting medical attention in the majority of cases in the USA is not free.

Unless it is an emergency, you will need to have health insurance to be treated in a hospital in the USA. There is no free health care system in the United States of America. Whether such approach is right or wrong is something for you to dwell upon in your human rights essay. Apart from that, what you should also specify in that human rights law essay is that there are lots of discussions regarding the issue in question. A lot of people believe that it is time for the United States of America to introduce a free health care system. Besides, this issue is often a topic students get to argue about in their law essay. If you are currently working on the assignment of writing a law essay, do not forget to provide as much evidence as possible to support both pros and cons of having a free health care system.


Taking everything into consideration, the right to health is one of the fundamental rights every single person on the planet has. What is more, being able to exercise it whenever we want means that the government, as well as the society has managed to provide everyone with a life of dignity. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to exercise this freely which is a huge issue we have to figure out how to deal with. The thing is that not every country on the planet has legal obligations when the right to health is not provided to a human being. Even if these obligations are imposed, some countries still adhere to totalitarian regimes which presupposes that they do not recognize international law.