The Right Workout Gear for a New Year and a New Me!

Workout Gear from JC Penny

Each January, I make a pledge to make the new year a healthier and happier me. From renewing my dedication to the gym to stocking up on all the most delicious and healthy foods, I want to be prepared for everything that may come my way and eliminate the opportunity for excuses. That also means keeping my gym and workout gear well stocked. When I’m working out at home, old sweats and a baggy t-shirt can work…sometimes. However, that get-up doesn’t exactly inspire me to get up and move, much less get up and get out the door to go to the gym. That’s why this year I decided to stock up on some super cute, fashionable workout gear. From matching legging and sports bra sets to sweat-wicking fabric tanks, it’s nice to have something cute, to put on to get you going and makes you want to get out to the gym.

Cardio is my weakness. Three minutes into a run my lungs feel like they are burning and my knees just want to give out. Too bad I know doing it is the fastest path to health and fitness. The extra motivation of putting on the perfect lightweight capris and running shoes helps me get out the door when the couch starts calling my name. Whether I’m going for a run or I’m lifting some weights to tone up, having the perfect workout ensemble helps me get the best out of my gym time. However, I need to make sure all this stocking up doesn’t break my wallet.

JC Penney Carries My Favorite Workout Gear

Stocking up at JC Penny for a happier and healthier year.
Stocking up at JC Penny for a happier and healthier year.

When shopping for the perfect workout clothes, JC Penney is always a homerun. With a huge selection, I know I can get enough pieces to create a complete workout collection without destroying my budget. Plus, I love knowing they carry a variety of sizes to make sure even after my second piece of cake I can still hit the treadmill the next day. To make my wardrobe more substantial, I love that JC Penney has a ton of accessories to make each workout easier. With phone and iPod holders, I can listen to my favorite workout playlist without worrying about where I’ll put my phone. For my home workouts, their exercise mats and hand weights make the days when I can’t hit the gym a success.

Xersion Jacket from JC Penny
Xersion Jacket from JC Penny

The only downfall to working out regularly is knowing I need a different outfit for each day unless I want to be tethered to the washing machine. I love that JC Penney has some of the best prices around. I can get a whole outfit for the price of a pair of leggings at other stores. On my recent trip, I found a load of Xersion pieces bright accent colors and slimming lines that are a great addition to my workout lineup. Plus, they are always running sales and values on their gear to meet my lifestyle and wallet needs. It doesn’t hurt that the clothing makes me feel even more spectacular as I reach that three-mile mark.

Whether you’re just working out at home or you’re looking for new ways to incorporate healthy food into your diet, JC Penney has the things you need. From workout accessories, gear, and shoes to new kitchen appliances and utensils to make eating healthy fun, start a new year and a new you with JC Penney! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JCPenney. The opinions and text are all mine.


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