The Single Most Effective Tool In Reducing Waste At Large-Scale Special Events: PLAN AHEAD!

Special Event Recycling Or Waste Management Programs That Work for special events

Fall is a season synonymous with large scale events, fairs and festivals bringing people together sharing in fun times however, in the process generating tremendous amounts of waste, much of which is considered recyclable.

Soirée Verde’s suggested single most effective tool in reducing waste at large-scale events is to simply PLAN AHEAD!

Here are 7 simple tips to help event hosts do just that by planning ahead so that waste can be minimized and recycling can be maximized.

  1. Check for special recycling requirements noted in your event permit and coordinate with venue management on any procedures they have in place for waste management programs.
  2. Outline your recycling plan, based on the needs you have by determining what wastes will be generated at your event- i.e. paper, plastics, aluminum, wood, food etc..
  3. Discuss your recycling plan with venue management and if they don’t offer a program, contact a local vendor who specializes in “Special Event Waste Management.” Make sure vendors know the types of waste your event will produce and ensure that they have adequate equipment to haul your recyclable materials away upon the conclusion of your event.
  4. Select recycling containers that stand out and have a distinctively different look, color and graphic logo from that of a typical trash receptacle. Place recycling bins in high-traffic areas near trash receptacles and ensure you have ample visible signage to promote recycling at your event.
  5. Recruit and train volunteers to ensure you have enough manpower to sustain the task at hand as frequent monitoring and empting of bins is critical to the success of any onsite special event recycling program.
  6. Donate any leftover food or supplies to local shelters or churches who accept such items.
  7. Motive, Educate and Promote the mission of “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” and make it fun! One such organization who did just that is Recyclemania, a nationwide university recycling competition, who had a Green Team that promoted recycling at their event by giving out free “I Pledged” reusable water bottles for participants that signed a pledge to reduce waste habits for life. The Green Team also used a fun strategy where students seen using recycle bins around campus got a “Caught Green Handed” ticket, which was redeemable for a free slice of pizza.

Remember event organizers, as well as venues, have the greatest influence on the success of any special event recycling or waste management program.

For more helpful tips such as these contact Jasmine Megrabyan at Soirée Verde: Event Solutions From Here To Greenternity! ( or via email at [email protected])

Soirée Verde guides organizations with proven strategies and tools for making special events not only enjoyable and memorable experiences, but also models that promote sustainable practices.

Jasmine Megrabyan, Owner

Soirée Verde ~ August 5, 2013

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