The Space Issue

Back when my husband and I were dating, we made the joint decision to live with each other before we took our relationship to the next level of commitment: Marriage.

my orginal closet

 The Master Bedroom only had 1 closet and growing up himself with 3 women, he knew that 1 closet was just not enough space for him and I. So he built an additional closet in the room for me! How sweet, huh? The closet was basic: it had upper and lower hang bars, room for bulky stuff above and some hooks inside for belts.

 before my closet

It was such a kind gesture! I never had the heart to tell him it did not work for my clothes. The hang bars were too close together so my tops ran into my skirts/pants/dresses and they crinkled at the bottom, which made them become wrinkled and dusty all the time. My purses were so high I could never see all of them and would forget about them. I had no space for my belts, scarves and jewelry. 

 Fast Forward 8 years and I cannot take it anymore! That closet and I are at war. My strategy is to win this battle and it began with some major RESEARCH. I spent my time looking at different closet systems and mapping out what I needed in my new closet. 

When attempting to organize ask yourself:

 •Do you like to fold or hang?

 •Is the current you own current?

• Do you have the clothing worn often accessible?


before closet upper1 300x225 - The Space Issue 

closet before 214x300 - The Space Issue

Having such a small space, I needed to maximize and keep things streamlined. I found this system at Home Depot and it was perfect for me:

 1. Fit my budget 2. Fit my needs.

My needs were:

I needed a place for everything and I wanted all my items streamlined into one space. Guess what? I was able to do that! I used to have my items spread out in different cubbies and also in another room, but with careful planning I was able to house all my categories in one closet!

closet clutter 1024x1008 - The Space Issue

closet 2 after 769x1024 - The Space Issue

Yea! My skirts have NO crinkle, wrinkle or dust!

closet 5 808x1024 - The Space Issue


closet 6 764x1024 - The Space Issue


closet after 690x1024 - The Space Issue


I have not put doors up yet because I’m still trying to decide if doors or curtains are for me. I’d rather wait for the perfect item than put up something that does not work for me.

Update you once I decide…


Planting Peace!