The Sticky Points In Life


Sometimes I am cruising through my day and then out of nowhere it hits. I begin to feel my jaw tighten, I start to over think and all that overthinking turns into a huge chunk of worry.

I know I am not alone. We all worry and if someone says they don’t… then they are either in denial or faking it.

Sometimes it creeps up on me and sometimes I wake up with worry on the brain. I try to chill… just relax and take a deep breath but sometimes I just lose myself to worry.

It happens more easily than I would like to admit. I could be fine and then walk into a situation and boom! I’ve arrived to the land of worry.

 What do I worry about?

Oh pretty much anything…

My worries are truly an equal opportunity. Not one subject is discriminated.

But I do have to say my worry has begun to ease away more and more. The older I get, the more I recognize that my worries are no different than any other and that worry is really wasted energy. Ooohh the amount of time I have invested in worrying. Tsk..Tsk..Tsk…

Now each time I begin to worry I think about the Why? Why am I choosing to worry over something I have no control of?

 I can’t control life….

 I can’t control other people reactions…

 I can’t control the outcome…

 My life cannot be focused on the worry and I definitely can’t remain frozen. It is important to proceed despite what I can for see as problems. I need to focus on the controllable in my life. Its a balance between what we can and cannot control. Finding the balance between applied force and  effortless surrender. 

So when I feel that creepy feeling coming, I remind myself:

I can choose to walk in freedom understanding that what stands in my way is really part of the way. No amount of worry will bring me that freedom its about taking the step rather than worrying about where the step will take me. 

Life is good and I am good. I am worthy to be happy and every situation is happening for my best outcome.

Planting Peace. . .