The Story of “Sweetie”

"Sweetie" via Terres des Hommes

How a 10-year old girl from the Philippines caught over 1,000 pedophiles in only two months.
At any given moment, the United Nations (UN) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimate that 750,000 pedophiles are online. An international federation called Terre des Hommes, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is breaking new ground in the investigation of online sexual predation. It developed a computer model of a 10-year old girl, named her “Sweetie” and put her out in chat rooms on the web. Almost instantaneously, Sweetie was bombarded by requests from men around the world to “chat”… and do more via webcam.

The group has coined the term Webcam Child Sex Tourism and says it is a rapidly growing industry where men from predominantly wealthy countries pay children from poorer countries to engage in sexual acts online. Terre des Hommes is leading the charge to stop this type of child abuse.

On November 4, 2013, after about two months of investigation, Terre des Hommes was able to identify 1,000 pedophiles around the world, many of those located here in the United States. In fact, Fox News reported the United States lead the pack as the top country of origin with 254 adults identified, followed by Britain with 110 then India with 103.

The video below outlines the fascinating and compelling story of how this group was able to snare and lead law enforcement to so many pedophiles in such a short period of time.

[embedit snippet=”sweetie-ginger”]

Sign the petition

This investigation lasted only a couple of months with amazing results. Think about the potential worldwide impact if other law enforcement agencies were able to utilize this technology and approach? Terre des Hommes think if they are able to catch 1,000 pedophiles in only two months, law enforcement around the world should be able to catch at least 100,000 pedophiles in a year.

The federation is asking each of us to sign a petition to help raise awareness of its efforts and encourage governments and law enforcement around the world to explore utilizing this approach to identify and capture online sexual predators. By dedicating necessary resources to the effort to protect children, we can put a stop to online sexual predation. Join me in signing this petition at Avaaz or and share it via your social media connections. Working together, we CAN improve the world one child at a time. Thank you in advance for your support of this important global effort to protect children.

About Ginger

Working to improve the world one child at a time, Ginger has made it her life mission to raise awareness of the world-wide epidemic of child abuse. An impassioned child advocate, trainer, speaker and child forensic interviewer, Ginger can be contacted via her website “Ginger Kadlec: 4UrKids™” at or find her on Facebook at


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