The Top 3 Most Popularly Used Tools Used By Most Social Media Agencies

With the continuous growth of the registered and active users of social media today, the use of the different platforms like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and LinkedIn for online marketing is also getting more widely popular. It does not only enhance the visibility of the brand but it also helps boost the overall success of an online marketing campaign.

Nowadays getting a social media profile page and a highly visible presence on all the leading platforms are considered not just a luxury for any business but a necessity. Social media is considered as one among the most effective, most efficient and the best ways for businesses to gain more traffic to their websites, to generate more new leads and eventually to increase revenue. A good social media management service paired with the right social media management tools can lead to a more successful social media marketing.

Here are the top 3 most essential tools that most of the successful social media agencies use in order for them to properly juggle the different accounts of their clients.



IFTTT makes it easier for social media agencies to easily and quickly manage their clients’ social media profiles as well as to handle tasks through recipes without having to spend more time. This powerful internet automation website makes it easier to connect with any other social media channel or network which makes it posible for you to automate sharing posts, photos and updates to your different social media sites. You can also set automatic sending out of posts or tweets every time a new blog post is published on your page or website. What makes IFTTT one of the best tools for social media management in Sydney is its ability to work well with other essential tools like Hootsuite and Buffer.



If you are looking not only for the most efficient, but also for the easiest and smartest way to schedule content posting across different social media networks, then you might be looking for a tool like Buffer. It is more like a virtual queue which you can utilize to fill with articles or content and automatically posting them at different times of the day without manually doing so. With Buffer, you can be able to schedule an all week long posting of social media content and consistently publish them in stagger posting times without having to micro-manage it.



One of the top three and most popularly used social media management tools is the Hootsuite. Both individuals and businesses can make use of this tool when executing campaigns across various social media platforms. With  Hootsuite, you can team up campaigns by just using a single web based dashboard. It is considered as among the most essential tools that every business must use when managing social media campaign. It can also enable you to keep track of the conversions and to gauge the results of the campaigns using either a mobile or web device.

If you are just starting to use and get familiar with Hootsuite, the site offers a free account for you. However, if you want to get the most out of it, you may upgrade your account into a pro or enterprise solution. Upgraded accounts allows you to manage unlimited number of social media profiles. Pro and enterprise solution also give you the opportunity to make use of the site’s  special features including advanced message scheduling, Facebook insights integration, enhanced analytics, and Google Analytics.


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