The Top Video Conferencing Tools

The days of doing business with a handshake are over. Modern businesses need to expand their reach to contact prospective customers and workers anywhere in the world, and developers are constantly creating powerful tools like video conferencing, to make the task more efficient and productive. Impactful communication no longer has to take place in person, but the advantages of face-to-face connection still hold plenty of weight.

Reach Clients All Over the World

A globalizing market can complicate things for small businesses with limited resources and budgets, but it does not mean you are out of the race if this description fits your company. Video conferencing is a solution that allows you to meet with your clients face-to-face, share valuable information and visuals that show them exactly how your business operates, and give them a sense of personalized service that email and phone calls just cannot convey. 

With many services, clients can use their browser or mobile phone to connect to free video conferencing when you invite them to a meeting you organize.

Video conferencing is far superior to a phone call, and it will lead to a better chance of closing your sales. When you can incorporate visual elements into your sales pitch, you will keep your prospects engaged, and do a better job of clearly conveying your message. 

Your enthusiasm, passion, and expertise will not be left to question when your facial expressions and body language back up your words.

Streamline Your Office With Remote Workers

Remote work is a fast-growing labor market. Companies that have remote workers have seen an increase in productivity and employee morale, and they save money on office space and possibly even wages. Despite the phenomenal benefits of using a remote workforce, some businesses may be hesitant to do so. 

Collaborating when you cannot meet in person can be complicated, but not when you have video conferencing capabilities. Using a comprehensive video conferencing service, allows you to manage your remote workers almost as if you were right next to them.  

Different Systems, Different Features

One thing to keep in mind is that not all services are the same. Different systems focus on different highlights, so you need to do your research to find the one that fits your needs. Some systems limit the number of meetings you can have, the number of participants in each meeting, or the length of a meeting. 

Some services offer instant meetings that you can have any time, others require that you schedule your meeting and reserve a spot on their network.

The Essentials

There are some features you want to make sure are included no matter what your specific needs are. High-quality audio and video are an absolute must. You do not want to make clients think you are unprofessional because your conference keeps cutting out, glitching, or getting fuzzy. 

When you are dealing with remote workers on an important project, lower-quality audio or visuals can lead to crossed wires, miscommunications, and lost information. Additionally, make sure the system you choose offers robust controls that allow you to manage the flow of your meeting. You want to be able to mute specific participants, yourself, and sometimes the entire meeting, in order to cut down on background noise and distraction

Finally, whether you intend to use your system for sales, education, or team coordination, you need to be able to freely share files and screens to ensure you are all on the same page.

Vast Conference

Vast Conference offers one of the most comprehensive, customizable, full-service video conferencing tools available. Their plans offer all of the essentials and in addition, a powerful package of other features. 

  • Participants can dial in using toll-free numbers, a web browser, or their mobile phones.
  • Operator assistance available to manage incoming participants and meeting flow.
  • Organizers have full control over meeting flow. 
  • Calls and meetings are unlimited. 
  • All meetings are recorded.
  • Some plans offer unlimited cloud-based storage. 
  • Meetings can be transcribed.  
  • Create a greeting message.
  • Hold music for when there is a wait. 
  • Includes Google Calendar, Outlook, and Office 365 integration.
  • File Sharing.
  • Screen Sharing.
  • 24/7 customer service.

The most basic plans with Vast Conference start at $9.99 for the basic service and go up to $31.99 for the pro-tier. If you want a more custom service for your larger business, they will work with you to create a package that works best for your company. 

They even offer a free trial if you are unsure if you want to use their services. They are certain that once you start using Vast video conferencing tools, you will never look back.


Video conferencing will change the way you do business with your clients and employees for the better. When you switch from phone conferences to video, you will see your remote workers stay more engaged and retain more information, and your sales will increase because customers are receiving your message. 

Vast Conference is the most comprehensive and custom service on the market. Give them a try for free and find out why their customers are so happy.