The Truth About Baggage

An introduction to traveling lighter by ditching emotional baggage
For those of you that were looking forward to a healthy debate between stylish carry-on versus the practical carry-on, I fear I may have to disappoint. Well – sort of. In a way this is a little about that kind of baggage. You know that idiot at the airport check-in counter that always has way too much stuff and stands there shuffling items between bags to avoid excess weight charges? That’s me. Or at least it was. Based on experience and extensive observation, there does appear to be a direct correlation between how much physical stuff we drag around with us on a trip to how much emotional baggage we have. I did not realize how much crap I was dragging around until I embarked on the journey of unpacking it all.

It was one simple little question that evolved into a journey that changed my life, brought me true happiness and allowed me to filter through all the noise and distraction of life expectations, disappointments and obligations to find true love and purpose. When I asked the question, I didn’t know that seeking the answer would take so long and involve delving into every tiny corner of my past, my relationships and my soul to find it. On paper, it seemed like I had everything, but in reality…I was missing the key thing we all want. Why can’t I find happiness? And where the heck was it hiding?

I suppose I naively thought the answer to all my problems was simple: more money, the right guy, a spiritual awakening, the right body to find the right guy…all of the above. Once I started on this quest it became somewhat evident that I had been profoundly misguided to believe that the solution to all my problems, to “finding” my happiness was somehow “out there”. With each new window I peeked through into myself, a door flew open and suddenly there was no turning back. I collected so many stories along this journey that I decided to write a book. Now, I will sharemy story and the many many tales I collected along the way to unravel the key to this much coveted thing called happiness.

So… this isn’t about luggage, but it is about relationships. The most important of which are the relationships you yourself (yes you, reading this) have with your head, your heart and your soul. It is about taking an honest, no holds barred introspective exploration into why you are the way you are and how your experiences and relationships with others have shaped you – and if you pay attention, this will provide valuable insight into how and where to find the power to be the person you want to be. It helps to have a bit of a self-humor, humility, compassion, and the ability to get real with yourself. Unpacking the quasi-metaphorical baggage you have picked up and dragged along this journey called life is scary. But, the result is that you can achieve true consciousness and purpose for your life, learn how to move past the past by leaving the baggage behind and experience life free of burden and expectation – and full of optimism and love. And really, don’t we all want that?

I am no authority on the subject of life, love or happiness. To be honest, I am no different than you. Like you, I have all sorts of life experiences that have influenced my life and me as a person in both good ways, and bad. I make mistakes, I say the wrong things at the wrong times, I say the right things at the right times, I feel like a fool at times, I feel insecure, I succeed, I fail, I hate my life, I love my life, I want to be loved, I want to give love, but most of all I want to feel like my life has some sort of a purpose. I have been fortunate to have had an incredibly diverse and eclectic life both personally and professionally, and I think that has just enriched my life overall. My epiphany came when I realized that my baggage has been the main culprit when things go as planned or hoped – in EVERY aspect of my life. And you will likely realize the same if you embark on your own journey.

It is my hope that sharing these experiences through my writing further encourages anybody ready this to share their own so we can make each other laugh, cry, and connect in more meaningful ways. Because at the end of the day, we really all want the same things – love, happiness, a feeling of accomplishment and a purpose. All of these things come from within, it cannot be found “out there”. So…start unpacking, it’s a long road – but the rewards are substantial. I promise.

More on The Truth About Baggage coming soon!

Submitted by Jennifer Koster start-up strategist turned entrepreneur, writer and single mama. Jennifer is a partner in Scala Construction Inc (, a high end residential construction company catering to celebrities and entertainment executives, founder of idealight Inc. ( a management consultancy working with start-up companies on strategy, fundraising and international expansion, and a partner in Type A Group (, a company that provides leadership tools for individuals to achieve abundance in work, love and life. She is currently writing a book called “The Truth About Baggage” – an exploration into the various kinds of baggage we pick up through life, how it manifests itself and prevents us from getting what you want, and how to get rid of it so you can.


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