6 Ways to Boost Your Business Online


From building a sleek website to mastering social media, there are a myriad of ways to bolster your business online. So how can you gain that all-important competitive advantage? Read on to find out.

The website— easy to find?

First things first, it’s time to pay some special attention to your website. How easy is it for customers and business associates to find you online? How do you fare in search engines for the most relevant terms? Applying effective search engine optimization (SEO) to your website will make all the difference, and ensure you’re easy to find. If you’re no SEO expert, consider using an internet marketing company with a solid reputation.

The website— well designed?

Now that your client or business associate has found you, what’s their first impression? The look and feel of the website is hugely important. You may wish to invest in a brand package from a web development company. That way you can hone in a colour scheme, logo and font that reflect brand values. Likewise, you’ll want the copy to uphold the brand and have a consistent tone. Good design is also about usability— is your website easy to navigate? How quickly can a visitor find the right information? Testing by external parties is an effective way to determine this.

The website— device compatible?

People are increasingly using mobile devices to browse the internet: don’t get left behind. Businesses with websites that are compatible with phones and tablets can gain the upper hand over those that that aren’t. It’s worth building compatibility into the design, thinking about this from the start, and checking out the site’s look and feel on different devices.

Social media— are you out there?

As well as going direct to websites, people are increasingly seeking out businesses via social channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You should make sure that you have a strong presence on these channels. Building the right profile is the key. Does it reflect brand values? Are you presenting the business in the best possible light? As well as copy, think carefully about pictures included and who you choose to link to. Each part of your profile goes together to create an overall image of your business and what it can offer.

Social media— are you networking?

As well as waiting for people to come to you, the business can also reach out. It’s certainly in your interest to widen your network though links and follows, and you can also use approaches such as content marketing to attract people. If you can identify clients’ wishes and requirements, you can produce valuable content that draws people to your business (and perhaps theirs too). This could be a webinar, infographic, or guide.

Competitors and potential partners- who are they?

No matter what stage your business is at, it pays to know who your competitors are. Perhaps you’re engaging in market research, or trying to find out who’s leading the competition. You can glean information on executives and companies by conducting a director search. It’s also an efficient way to scope out potential business partners.

Don’t get left behind— use online tools to bolster your business and gain a competitive advantage!

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