The world’s first “dream job” crowdsourcing experiment


Have you ever wondered how many links separate you from your dream job?

Well, I have! The question popped up in my head since I am at a turning point in my career.

I have been following an international career since 2010. In the meanwhile, I already lived and worked in Portugal, Poland and Belgium. And like many other people, I was planning to take a next step in my career through the normal recruitment channels. However, at a certain moment, I’ve realised that my profile was not getting to the right people. For me, this was important, especially since my dream job is to work in change management, where good vacancies aren’t publicly announced and mainly filled through internal promotions, referrals and recommendations.

Getting closer to my dream job

At this point I knew that I wanted to take my career in my own hands. I wanted to have a decisive role on my own development. I wanted to drastically increase my possibilities. I also knew that we all have – like never before – the means to shorten the distance between ourselves and our dream job employer. So, I decided to take advantage of the latent possibilities of social networks and to put the concept of social mobilisation into full use in order to find my dream job.

What is social mobilisation? It’s the use of social networking to find and motivate people that, through their connections of friends, can help you solve real-world problems.

The birth of dream job mob

That is how the idea for Dream Job Mob ( was born. A crowdsourcing platform where I can mobilise my friends, my friend’s friends and my professional connections to help me find my dream job! An experiment to crowdsource my dream job in change management.

Everyone can participate in this experiment by sending useful information about change management job opportunities. In return, the right tip wins 1.000€! In order to encourage people to share, I will also donate 500€ to the good cause Palhaços d’Opital (clowns that visit children’s hospital wards).

Investing in my career

Dream Job Mob is an investment of 1.500€ (coming from my own savings) with a significant ROI: I will find my dream job faster and advance my career! Dream Job Mob functions, at the same time, as my CV: a demonstration of my work and capacities.

Companies can get to know me better by launching me a challenge (with a business problem, a creative assignment,…) and/or invite me for an interview.

I can’t wait, after a first successful experiment, to open this platform to talented people who are also pursuing their dream job!

You can follow the evolution of the Dream Job Mob experiment through the facebook page, twitter and linkedin. Any participations, reactions or opinions are welcome at [email protected]

Author: Teresa Amorin Orginally a guest post for 3Plus International

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