The Writing Process

The writer’s journey is just as important as the finished product. Writers will tell you during their book tours, in their blogs, or in an interview that the process in their writing journey is a delicate and important one. Some may say that they need background noise or music as they write while others need complete silence or a special drink, pen, or talisman. Whatever the vice, when a writer produces good work under a specific setting, they tend to keep that setting for future work.

I produce my best work in the privacy of my own home. I usually enjoy writing in the office I share with my husband. If I get distracted, I will go to my son’s bedroom because nothing in there would draw me away from my work. If I need to keep an eye on my young son while I write, I will take my laptop to the living room or dining room while he plays or watches a movie.

I usually have a cup of coffee while writing but if it’s a good day, my coffee will grow cold because I became engrossed in whatever it is I worked on for that day. If I need a break, I still try to remain in writer’s mode so I will grab my kindle or a book I am reading and look for writing styles and dialogue to see how mine compares to the authors I read.

If I listen to music while I write, I have to use something that doesn’t have words in it. Soundtracks are wonderful and dynamic enough to lock me in but never distract me from my writing. I usually listen to whatever is stored on my PC verses a CD player but on occasion, I will listen to Pandora radio.

One thing I do as a writer that challenges me is writing outside the box. I might enter a contest in a genre of writing I am not quite familiar with. I use my blog as a way of journaling my progress and writing it offers some creative freedom in ways my current project might not. I take time to assist others in their writing process by editing their work before they submit it to a contest or for publication.
Every writer has a method to their creative writing process and it is important to enjoy that process knowing a finished product is just around the corner. Take time to challenge your abilities and explore uncharted areas in the writer’s field. In the end, it’s all about the pen to paper or the finger tips to computer. Writing is the key and doing it often is the best part of the journey!



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