The Year of the Woman

247149_229666550383730_8068758_nWhenever I walk through my front door, I’m greeted with our family crest. It depicts the vision and mission statement for our family, reminding us not only of who we are, but what we are called to do. We know what each image represents and understand the impact we will have for generations when we mirror these images. It also serves as a guide for us to identify when we are living up to them and when we’re going astray.

When our family received, documented and cast this vision for our future, it was a defining moment for me that not only transformed me, it liberated me. I learned that regardless of what external forces existed to oppose me, there was a greater force at work within me to bring about something bigger than me. I also learned that this vision was not reliant upon just one of us, it was the responsibility of all of us. We all simply needed to do our part.

Realizing this, I became more intentional about doing my part, investing in my personal growth and navigating through the good, the bad and the mundane with purpose by identifying and removing distractions that attempted to keep me off task, off course and as a consequence, in bondage. I knew I was called to do something great and I would no longer be held captive by mediocrity. It was my time and future generations of our family were depending on me to do my part.

As a new year commences, I’m convinced that this is not only my time, this is OUR time. I envision a year of rapid progress for women around the world as we all resolve to do our part realizing what effects one of us effects us all. Don’t live another day held captive by limitations imposed upon you because you can’t see beyond the bars. Open your eyes to the possibilities. Stop making excuses for yourself and instead, turn obstacles into opportunities. Write a vision for yourself and a course of action to navigate you to your destiny. You are THE woman! Now, believe in yourself and be the woman you see. We need you and the world needs us. May this be our year. The year of the woman!

Founder of A Woman’s Business, Angela M. Brown is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, auntie, friend, mentor, PR executive, talk show host and community leader—a woman recognized for making a difference and inspiring others to do the same. Connect with her on Twitter via @BrownAngelaM, follow her service with @AWomansBusiness and read more inspiring blog posts from the Heart of a Woman.

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