A Lesson In Workplace Loyalty from LeBron James

These Pros Ain’t Loyal: A Lesson In Workplace Loyalty as Learned by LeBron James


In the wake of the historic announcement that King James is returning to Cleveland, one word came to mind immediately, loyalty.  The same word that came to mind four years ago when he announced he would be taking his talents to South Beach.  Loyalty not as defined as commitment to a specific organization, entity or fans even, but his loyalty to self.  LeBron’s departure from Cleveland set basketball fans on fire as his loyalty to his home and the city that loved him was questioned. How could he leave the team that was built for him? How could he abandon home and head to South Beach? The answer is simple, he wanted a ring and he won two.  He put his personal ambitions for a championship above those of his employer and got what he wanted.

A Lesson In Workplace Loyalty from LeBron James

In simpler terms, the court is to LeBron as your office is to you.  You use your trained skills, provide a service and are therefore granted a check for services rendered.  You have co-workers, James has teammates.  You have a manager, LeBron has a coach.  Your company has a CEO, LeBron has a team owner.  LeBron’s recent exhibit of personal desire should be a lesson to us all, not one of abandonment, but a lesson in self-loyalty.  How loyal are you to your employer? Do you think your employer is loyal to you? After a quick assessment of my employment history and the current employment layoffs and furloughs of my colleagues, I believe I was completely loyal to a system that makes very little room for it.  I was perfectly fine with making the personal sacrifices and late nights when only in a moments notice they could and did breakup with me and they lost no sleep about.
“My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn’t realize that four years ago. I do now,” professes James. These 19 words justify the exact reason why you should make your own path. Be confident in your decision-making and live the life you want. I am certain if the Heat dynasty were to suffer a losing season or a series of injuries there would be conversation of trades, which are equivalent to “corporate company restructures.”  I am glad to see him take control of his career and make the world – voluntarily and involuntarily – respect his decision to declare his path.  Good for LeBron on choosing himself and once again magnifying the value of his brand, shutting down social media and flooding our timelines.
Love the life you live, live the life you love. – Bob Marley

Jai Ferrell is a former corporate entertainment marketing executive turned self appointed social scientist commencing an experiment via Corporate & Unemployed. CorporateandUnemployed.com a social blog chronicling the journey to entrepreneurship or something like it in life after living a career.


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