Life is Hard!!

Things are HARD!!

Things are not as hard as they seem can be haunting words when life is hard. As a means of support and encouragement I have even told others “things are not as hard as them seem.” When I think about how many people I’ve said such words to I almost cringe. I have come to understand that things are as hard as they seem based on personal perspective. For, one who is not facing the challenge things may not seem hard. But, for the other who is right in the middle of the challenge things are very hard. So, how can you support and encourage others when things are hard?

First, I would consider recanting the statement that “things are not as hard as they seem.” I would then begin to empathize with the person by listening without interruption. Sometimes a silent presence is better than any spoken words. Afterwards, I would take into consideration that what I say to them should not diminish what they have said. Lastly, be the gatekeeper to their heart by not breaking their confidence.

The next phase is to encourage. A wonderful place to start is with your personal story of how you have overcome the hard times in your life. Your story will provide a genuinely compelling truth that things can change. In addition, the story you tell helps not only the person you’re speaking to, but also increases your faith that hard times don’t last always. These are just a few nuggets to overcoming the harsh words “things are not as hard as they seem.”

You can now provide the support and encouragement for someone when things are really hard! If you want additional ways to encourage others and/or yourself go to a real source called the Bible. In addition, try this site which provides great scriptures for encouragement.

Letatia Long is the founder of Time of Refreshing Ministries. I provide personal development life coaching for individuals who feel like things are hard. Reach me at and I’ll help you get through the hard times.

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