Things Take Time

Take TimeWe all say it and I’m sure we mean well but hearing that “things take time” can be frustrating and unnerving – even for the most patient of people. However, it is so true. Everything takes time – even if it’s just getting ready for the day, but we want what we want, when we want it and that is usually NOW! I know I hate washing and blow drying my hair. Why? Because it takes TIME, more time that I want to allow for getting ready in the mornings. However, when I do take that extra time to wash and blow dry my hair, I feel ten times more polished and put together than when I don’t. My mini-lesson here, taking the time necessary to accomplish small tasks throughout the day is worth it and total up to feeling more on top of things and ready for what’s next.

Another example I use is preparing for my day the night before. Would I rather be watching the latest episode of The Real Housewives of (fill in the blank)…yes! (Don’t judge me). But, when I take the extra 10 minutes to sit down, look over my calendar and put in order the things I need to accomplish, I feel ready for the next day. And when the next day comes and things are thrown off course, as they often are, I am not completely overwhelmed and stressed (I said not COMPLETELY) because I have a plan and know where I have time to spare.

All this adds up, for me, to learning to take things one step at a time, not even a full day at a time – that can be daunting too, depending on the day! I literally wake up and say, take a shower, read a few pages, etc. until low & behold, the day is over and I’ve accomplished my to do list. Now does it work every time? No, definitely not! But when it does, man do I feel good! And then I can look back over 6 months and realize I’ve created habits that will lead to my success – over time.

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