Think Outside The Box

Quite honestly, my average Sunday is, well, usually average. However, this Sunday was proof positive that we are in control of our own destiny, and it is shaped by the decisions we make.

Yesterday I found myself in NY City, with Stacy London (TLC’s What Not To Wear) and her entourage, being primped, styled, made-up and photographed for a magazine spread on Style for Hire – not my average Sunday.

As I was driving back last night, I was thinking to myself, what the heck just happened? So I hit the mental rewind button to dissect the moves that landed me there.

If I had NOT put my big girl pants on and signed up for the original conference with Style for Hire in October, I would NOT have met Stacy or have been trained, certified and invited to be a Stylist in her network.

If I had NOT responded to her email three days ago asking me to come to NY for this shoot, I would NOT have had this experience – and quite the experience it was!

Yes, it would have been way easier to not inconvenience myself with 8 hours of driving in one day. Yes, I paid for two tanks of gas and parking in Manhattan. Yes, I had to function outside of my comfort zone. Yes, I had to worry about butterflies in my stomach and not falling off 6-inch heels. Bottom line – no big deal!

The Nike mantra – Just Do It!

My new mantra – Think Outside The Box!



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