Thinking About Vlogging Your Beauty Routine? Here’s What You Need to Know


Having your own beauty channel to showcase and discuss the things you are passionate about can be fun. Sometimes, it may feel a bit overwhelming. The good thing is, with practice and continuously honing your video editing skills, you’ll master it in no time.

Being a beauty vlogger requires commitment and planning. Here are some helpful tips you need to know before you start.

1. Make use of social media

It’s one thing to be a skilled make-up artiste and it’s another thing to get people to know about it. Like they say, it’s 20% content and 80% promotion. Use social media channels to promote your beauty videos. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are great platforms to get the word out there.

Also, at the end of your video, when you ask viewers to subscribe, tell them to share on their respective social media channels as well. Make your videos interactive and fun, you can include behind the scene footages. Don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags too.

2. Take advantage of branding

Branding isn’t some fancy activity reserved for big companies alone. When you create your videos, you want them to resonate a particular style, format and language. Establish the direction you want to go, for example quirky, playful or professional- whatever the style, be consistent and your viewers will adapt to you before long. Consider what you wear, they matter too.

It is important to place a watermark or logo on the top left or right side of your screen (as long as it doesn’t interfere with your presentation). Logos make you videos recognisable, and increase your popularity.

3. Create a schedule for your videos

One of the things that make successful beauty vlogger is their consistency. Nothing is more off-putting than an inconsistent video post. Decide how often you would like to release your vlog and keep to it. If it is twice a week or every week, ensure you maintain it throughout.

If you are going to be unable to put up a post, probably because you will be travelling, let them know beforehand. This will improve loyalty and respect towards your brand. Scheduling is a huge deal, so make it a priority.

4. Produce quality content

This should be up there with scheduling on your priority list. The quality of your videos can give it a competitive edge over other vloggers. Put yourself in the position of a viewer and ask if you would enjoy you own videos. Are they HD quality? How about your lighting or the background? Is your video audible enough?

Consider setting your lighting, it doesn’t have to be over the top. Just clear. An external microphone can improve the audio. If your content is top-notch, your subscription rate will grow.

Finally, establish a network with other vloggers. Don’t alienate them for the sake of competition, you can refer to each other’s unique style. Some vloggers benefit from their subscribers by co-hosting a vlog together.

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