Three Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

cloud computingLaunching and running a business isn’t just about a company’s products or services. A great deal of behind-the-scenes work goes on that the consumers never see. Retails stores, web design companies and non-profits may have completely different missions, but when it comes to keeping their online presence running smoothly, they all have the same basic requirements. The more of these essential tasks business owners can automate and delegate, the more focus they can put on the main goal of making their businesses profitable.

Many small businesses have discovered one way of delegating tasks and that is through cloud computing. A cloud-based strategy eases the process of storing data, automating backups, increasing access and enhancing security. Here we’ll look at the three main benefits of cloud computing and how it can bring important efficiencies to your company.


Perhaps the most appealing aspect of cloud computing for startups is the potential to reduce the costs of technical necessities. Starting a business with cloud storage and services eliminates the need for expensive hardware, such as an on-site server, as well as upfront application costs.

Many cloud providers make their cloud service interfaces as user-friendly as possible, so that business owners don’t need an extensive knowledge of IT to use their services. Managed cloud services provide technical support that can take the place of an IT team early on to keep the budget in check while a business gets traction. According to the CDW Cloud Computing Tracking Poll, 76 percent of small business owners reduced application costs by moving to the cloud, with an average savings of 24 percent.


Every small business owner knows that when one is responsible for all the operations of a company, accessibility to information is essential. When things go wrong, or clients come calling, being able to access the right information quickly can mean the difference between successfully avoiding a problem or making it worse. One of the key advantages of cloud computing is that it takes data out of the physical realm (storage on a single computer) into the virtual realm where it can be accessed from anywhere, allowing company owners to do business away from the office.


Lifting data out of the physical world into the virtual world changes security needs, but it doesn’t make cloud storage unsafe, and many small businesses are accepting these risks in stride. According to PC Magazine, the financial benefit of cloud storage is more important than data security for many small businesses who utilize the cloud.

Cloud storage even has its security advantages. Since every cloud hosting company owes its business to its reputation, and its reputation to its security, cloud providers make security a top priority. Their firewalls and virus protection on cloud servers are kept up-to-date, keeping hackers and viruses at bay. Additionally, a business can ensure the security of data even if something happens to on-site hardware by backing up data on a cloud server.

When launching a business, it can be tempting for a business owner to keep everything in her own hands. By knowing where everything is and how everything works, there’s an illusion that everything can be kept under control. Trying to do too much, though, is a sure way to send things spiraling quickly out of control. With a dependable cloud computing strategy, business owners can let go of those necessary, basic business needs to focus on those things that set their businesses apart.

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