Three Traits of Highly Successful People

3 Traits of Successful People

One of the most interesting parts of my career as a professional resume writer is that I get to talk to really successful people on a pretty regular basis.

Ever wonder why you haven’t found the big idea yet? Probably because you’re sitting here trying to come up with the big idea. Looking for a better plan? Do something! Go outside, start gardening, take your kids out for a walk in the park. Get yourself a massage and take a long, hot shower. Your brain will start firing on its own when you start getting yourself into a more productive, zen state of mind.

Successful people have a lot in common.

1) Zero self-pity. This is a big one. Got passed over for a promotion for someone who didn’t deserve it? Get over it. Move on, figure out if you can find a way to get recognized in your current company, and if you can’t then decide what to do next. Get your resume together, get your business plan lined up for that venture you’ve always wanted to give a go, and start networking.

2) Don’t second guess yourself. Okay, maybe that was a bad decision you made last week. But you made it, and now you’re on the other side of it. Figure out if there was something you missed that led you down the wrong path, and stop thinking about it. Don’t waste your neurons on old news.

3) Accurate self image. Take stock of what your skills are, and what you’re not great at. Find a way to leverage your assets and work with others who fill in your gaps. At some point, you have to stop trying to be everything and be the best at what you gravitate towards. I’m a great writer but the details escape me. I use a proofreader. Problem solved, less time wasted, more of me doing what I do best.

Reaching your full potential isn’t meant to be a straight line. There really should be some gray area along the way. The journey, and how you handle the obstacles, are what creates the “stuff” we call life. As much as it sounds like a great plan, you really can’t have a plan for everything. A lot of what gets you there are the organic, unpredictabilities that come along when you least expect it. Be open, receptive, and grateful and let yourself live. Stop waiting for the a-ha moment when you’ll know what to do with the rest of your life, and let yourself enjoy what you’re doing right now.

Rebecca Henninger is a professional resume writer with a passion for helping women achieve balance, integration, and professional fulfillment. She is a mother of two, Bravo TV addict, and skilled career strategist. See more at:

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